The month of Scorpio, with its mild days and cosy nights, is a great excuse to spend some quality time with the family, safe indoors and with everything you need right at your fingertips! Enjoy the magical shades of autumnal days and those deciduous trees leaving carpets of leaves, evenings at home lit with warm hues, and some comforting conversations over good hearty food!

Often mistaken for a fire sign, Scorpio is actually a water sign with a whole lot of passion and power thrown on top! Scorpios are intuitive beings who can read people’s emotions and therefore know exactly what to say at exactly the right time – especially if loved ones or close friends are feeling a little down in the dumps. In fact, if ever you feel out of sorts, the person you seek for good company and a few words of solace may just  be a Scorpio… Are we right!?

Just like their spirit animal, Scorpios possess a sharp tongue and a propensity for arguing their point! Scorpions lie in wait and strike when least expected. Their enigmatic and elusive nature means that they’re alluring to others that aren’t lucky enough to know them yet, however, once you’re fully let into their bubble of warmth and forever friendship, they will make a fiercely loyal, protective and trustworthy companion.


Scorpio is a water sign with a whole lot of passion and power thrown on top!








The month of November is all about moving forward as three retrograde planets look to be turning direct with Mercury on November 3, Mars on November 13 and Neptune on November 28. If the little ones have felt a tad worn out or overly tired lately, try not to be alarmed because this is just a temporary response to both celestial and earth-side changes taking place. Move at their own pace and take a step back from all agendas and daily to-dos because this now is the time to relish in this beautiful, transitional period. Enjoy the downtime with your tiny Scorpions; they’re readying themselves for much fun ahead!

Scorpios are reticent beings, holding their tumultuous emotions and innermost secrets close. Keeping everything hidden inside, they are often mistaken for being reserved and aloof but once that hard shell comes away, they make the very best company. Fiery, opinionated and infectiously passionate, Scorpios can always be counted upon to provide a wonderful evening of flowing conversation and a heated debate or two!

They are VERY strong willed. In fact, from birth your tiny Scorpion will no doubt give you a run for your money by challenging your position of dominance. They give an unnerving stare and are certainly known for holding a grudge… even from day dot! Be careful when disciplining them; the firm but gentle approach works like an absolute charm; they are complex individuals with highly sensitive natures, after all!

Just like the savage scorpion that represents them, Scorpios enjoy the darkness and tend to retreat into hiding more often than most. They are utterly enchanted by spooky stories, witchcraft & sorcery and fantastical tales they’ll be reciting for decades, so you may have had quite an eventful time celebrating halloween and their colourful imaginations this year.


Scorpios are fiery, opinionated and infectiously passionate!

A glimpse at the coming month for Sagittarius
November 22nd – December 21st

It’s clear to see that little Sagittarius is glowing with courage and confidence, this month. After a shaky few weeks of wearing their emotions on their sleeve, Sagittarians are becoming admirably resilient and are ready to get up and dust themselves off whenever something gets them down. This spiritual little soul loves a daily affirmation so why not make it an every morning task to read one to each other before starting the long day!?


A glimpse at the coming month for Capricorn
December 22nd – January 19th

Capricorns are showing their energetic and adventurous sides more than ever this November, and it seems such a shame that they aren’t physically able to rally round with their friends (without distance in mind!) in pursuit of some action-packed fun, like the good old days. Still, they seem to be thriving in school and enjoying the change of scenery so you can relax a little when home life doesn’t prove as entertaining for them!


A glimpse at the coming month for Aquarius
January 20th – February 18th

Seemingly in a world of their own, Aquarians are taking things at a much slower, more chilled pace, this month. As a second lockdown is fast approaching, there is understandably more talk of current goings on and this little air sign is taking it all in their stride for a change! Enjoy being with them in their little bubble and perhaps get them in the mood for an early countdown to Christmas by introducing them to some classic old films you loved as a child!


A glimpse at coming month for Pisces
February 19th – March 20th

Itching for a change of scenery, little Pisceans all over the world are slightly short on patience, this month! Raring to get out into the open, these imaginative fun seekers can’t seem to sit still! It’s the perfect time to rope them into those dreaded house chores rapidly building up – from vacuuming and laundry to painting, home crafts and more!


A glimpse at the coming month for Aries
March 21st – April 19th

Little Arians will be abuzz with bright ideas and colourful imaginations, this November. As they journey further into the school year, you may find that their attention spans are improving and their concentration levels are off the charts! Take advantage of this newfound love of theirs for learning and exploring by encouraging them to do bigger and better – whether that’s with school studies or creative home pursuits!


A glimpse at the coming month for Taurus
April 20th – May 20th

Practical and ambitious Taurus may be finding it a little trickier than usual to avoid friendship related hiccups. They are often flooded with doting admirers, all seeking the captivating and super fun company of Taurus. Because of this, Taureans are spoilt for choice and can sometimes come off as hurtful when it comes to disregarding certain individuals in favour of others for companionship. Teach them the value of being tactful and to avoid hurting others’ feelings, this month.


A glimpse at the coming month for Gemini
May 21st – June 20th



Feeling a little groggy and lacking in energy this month, Gemini has certainly fallen victim to the lethargic effects of a newly arrived autumn. There’s no rush in getting their usual gusto back though; it’s just one of those sleepy months where duvet days take precedence over anything else and Harry Potter marathons are an absolute must! Afterall, isn’t this what November is all about? Staying in doors, feeling ultra cosy and eating all the sweet treats humanly possible!?


A glimpse at the coming month for Cancer
June 21st – July 22nd

If your tiny Cancerian is feeling somewhat anxious about anything life related at the moment, try not to worry as it’s most probably a fleeting phase they’ve needlessly worked themselves into. Kids that react to situations in panicky ways and cling on to their mums like the world simply depends on it, is a very normal reaction to have when going through a number of changes all at once – big or small. Continue to reassure them, and take them out of their comfort zones. They’ll be back to themselves in no time at all.


A glimpse at the coming month for Leo
July 23rd – August 22nd

Leo’s learning journey is in full flow this month – be it through school projects they’ve really put their all into, or general life stuff they’ll take with them as they grow into fully fledged adults –  Leos are always progressing and flourishing as little humans. And still the absolute centre of the stage, your tiny Leo is lapping up the praise and enjoying every moment of their small but momentous successes. Good job, Leo!


A glimpse at the coming month for Virgo
August 23rd – September 22nd

Perfectly practical Virgos seem completely in their element by the time autumn travels back around. From the smoky bonfire smells and cosy knitted layers to darker, brisker evenings and that wonderful run up to Christmas, there really is no better excuse to indulge in some one-on-one quality time, to share in the excitement. It could be cooking, reading, music or films – it doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re both enjoying this special time together.


A glimpse at the coming month for Libra
September 23rd – October 22nd

This is a good month for routine when it comes to getting little Libras’ scatter brains in order. Knowing what they’ve got coming up each day, at what time and where, is helping to organise their minds greatly. This sort of mental compartmentalisation could also help with home tasks, so why not prepare an easy, fun timetable they can refer to if they’re ever bored and stuck indoors with nothing to keep them occupied!








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Gemma Gould is a British illustrator, based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Drawing inspiration from traditional printmaking techniques, she combines vibrant geometric shapes with textured details and gentle humour to create charmingly quirky illustrations. Gemma has worked with clients worldwide across numerous markets, including children’s books, editorial and animation.


Find more of her work here: @gemillustrates

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