It’s Christmas time and if ever there was a mum who would go in search of the real Santa Claus, Sagittarius is it. You’ll be laying down a trail of clues around your home on Christmas eve that teach your children about the story of Father Christmas so that they go to bed happy and dreaming of his visit before they wake all sparkly eyed on Christmas morning!

Represented by the Archer, Sagittarians have a thirst for knowledge that can seemingly never be quenched! Sags are the final fire sign in the zodiac and much like their celestial symbol, fling blazing arrows in pursuit of geographical, academic and spiritual adventures. Born with seriously itchy feet, these thrill-seekers are always off roaming – from one corner to the other when they’re very young and all over the world, with just a backpack and tent in tow!

You may find that as youngsters, Sagittarians would do absolutely anything to ensure they get their bedtime story, in fact they’ll take story books around the clock over any playdate, tempting treat or visit to the adventure playground (believe it or not!). And all that exploring they’ll grow up to experience is the very reason they’ll be so popular for that colourful storytelling and boundless imagination. Sags have the ability, even from day dot, to make everyone laugh. From the precocious questioning of their parents in their pre-teens to a witty, dry sense of humour discovered in adulthood, this is just one of the many traits about Sagittarius that make them so very interestingly nuanced.


Born with seriously itchy feet, these thrill-seekers are always off roaming!









The month of December, though different to last year’s (and every year before that!) is still an exciting one for sparky Sagittarius. Staying home with all their favourite Christmas movies, delighting in the magic and lights, and just simply enjoying the annual countdown to the new year with family is all the reason for these little Sags to carry on smiling, being the happiest, easiest company to be around.

Sagittarian children tend to be adventurous, open, honest and with a penchant for getting stuck into non-stop, messy and chaotic activities (good luck, mamas!). Sagittarius babies can often seem restless and have very busy legs that want to get places fast! It may be a good idea to take them out frequently in the pram or in the car to feed their adventurous spirit. And make the most of this stage because before you know it, they’ll be increasingly hard to keep track of, waddling around to every corner of the house, garden and beyond!

Sagittarians adore the company of people – they certainly don’t like to be left alone for too long and pine for their mama’s trusty hip or daddy’s big bear arms. But they do tend to like the company of little and big crowds in small doses. From time to time, they’ll need some space of their own and this can offer parents a lovely break when they’re happy playing with their furry friends alone for an hour or so.

Sagittarians have the ability, even from day dot, to make everyone laugh!


A glimpse at the coming month for Capricorn
December 22nd – January 19th

The excitement of Christmas is certainly contributing to your little one’s restlessness and short attention span. It could be a good idea to establish an even firmer routine during these high energy weeks, though it’s easier said than done! Keep their young, learning minds occupied with plenty of fresh air, lots of conversation, activities and some chilled wind-down time in the evenings. These big hearted bubbas should sleep soundly until they’re ready to do it all over again in the morning!

A glimpse at the coming month for Aquarius
January 20th – February 18th




Remaining focused for a long period of time is proving a challenge for these young Aquarians. Sometimes it’s completely fine to take the pressure off and let them do their thing, just as long as they’re happy pottering about, taking life at their own leisurely pace. It’s a lovely time of year to indulge them in festive music, films and some hearty Christmas baking!

A glimpse at coming month for Pisces
February 19th – March 20th

More determined, ambitious and motivated than ever, little Pisceans’ good energy is one of the reasons this Christmas feels like an extra special one, in spite of the odds. Aside from external goings on, there may have been a few family hiccups experienced of late, that have had your little bubble’s happiness sacrificed, somewhat… but seeing your imaginative Pisces sprinkle some magic all around has made for a much more positive and hopeful time.

A glimpse at the coming month for Aries
March 21st – April 19th



The long anticipated month of December poses some big changes for little Arians, as mid month, two of the biggest planets Saturn and Jupiter move into their sector for the first time in many years (solar eleventh house). This could mean that big things are on their way – particularly when it comes to friendships and their social lives as a whole. 2021 looks to be a very exciting year for these fire signs.

A glimpse at the coming month for Taurus
April 20th – May 20th

There’s an uncharacteristic calmness coming from Taurus this month. From less chaotic mornings to drama-free bath and bedtime, it seems that this little bull is evolving as an individual and learning the importance of patience with each passing day. Never without their strong, stubborn sides though, Taureans are on a journey of trial and error so don’t be surprised if they revert back to old ways from time to time.

A glimpse at the coming month for Gemini
May 21st – June 20th

A verbal powerhouse with an opinion on absolutely everything, Gemini is very alert at the moment and eager to find the answer to tricky questions, fast! Encourage them to understand the fundamental difference between being resolute in their views and just seeing things in black and white. They can tend to be very set in their ways which isn’t always a bad thing, of course. They just need a little nudge now and then to remind them of the many different angles to look at things from.

A glimpse at the coming month for Cancer
June 21st – July 22nd



It’s important for young Cancerians not to rely on other people for their own happiness and self worth. Incredibly sensitive and clingy at times, it seems like these little Cancers are bigger, more extreme versions of themselves, this month! It may be a good idea to have them step outside of their comfort zone by gently introducing some new into their lives. From playgrounds, daily walks to movies, games and books. Something a little different is sure to perk them up.

A glimpse at the coming month for Leo
July 23rd – August 22nd



Christmas time is the perfect excuse to harness Leo’s creative side, and this month in particular has got them all bright eyed and eager keen to join in the festivities. A great way to keep their minds calm and their hands busy, why not decorate an old sweater with all things christmassy or host a gingerbread competition at home!? Now that we’re spending more time indoors, it makes sense to dig deep when it comes to finding new and inventive ways to entertain them.

A glimpse at the coming month for Virgo
August 23rd – September 22nd

It’s completely natural for your little Virgo to want to be in control and take the reins with just about everything that they do. And this month is all about teaching them to listen and be a friend in order to avoid coming across as a dictator. They make great friends and often have that one special person they like to do everything with so, much of this year may have felt particularly tough for them without their little school comrade in tow; it’s just a matter of reminding them, now how to be a friend and not a commander!

A glimpse at the coming month for Libra
September 23rd – October 22nd

Always the life and soul of the party, popular Libra is demanding centre stage, over the festive period! Though this provides lots of entertainment to the family, remind this social butterfly not to get caught up in the limelight and to make some room for the less gregarious members of the pack. Sometimes we can feel overshadowed by Libras’ big personalities, and if there are any smaller voices in the pack, then they should get a chance, too.

A glimpse at the coming month for Scorpio
October 23rd – November 21st

Although your mini Scorpio may seem cool and collected on the outside, there could be an emotional rollercoaster occurring within. This may also explain those unpredictable ‘sulk or smile’ reactions they’ve been coming out with lately. It’s your job now to coax them into sharing with you what exactly is upsetting them. Often Scorpios can be easily soothed with some words of comfort and a big bear hug, and they’ll be back to their old selves in no time at all.





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