Hooray! August is here and the holidays have begun. Whether you are planning a vacation somewhere near home or planning a trip to exotic faraway places, this month the travel planets, Mercury and Jupiter are happy to give a helping hand.

The fire signs love warm and bright places: Aries likes sandy beaches or hilly ground, Leo likes country house hotels and villas with great vistas, Sagittarius likes photo shoot safaris with plenty of big beasts to see. The earth signs appreciate comfort and shady places with good views: Taurus likes meadows and sunlit forests, Virgo likes historic houses and castles crafted with beauty over centuries, Capricorn likes log cabins, and maps to explore the surrounding territory. The air signs need room to breathe and move freely: Gemini likes open spaces where families can gather and get together to socialise and play, Libra likes to be high up looking out over good hawking and hunting ground, Aquarius loves waterfalls in rocky places, fountains, and water conduits through quarried ground. The water signs are drawn to coastal, lake or lagoon locations: Cancer loves the sea and enjoys cruises, Scorpio likes irrigated gardens, orchards and vineyards with secrets to be discovered, Pisces likes watery places with bird and sea life, and unusual secluded holiday homes like a converted water mills. So, include these elements in your holiday plans and enjoy your vacation even more.

Parents or parents ‘to be’ of little lions and lionesses – you may as well get the stage all ready, now because your tiny Leo is about to steal the show – of life, that is… For now and always!

These spirited fire signs are vivacious, theatrical and deeply passionate; endearing traits that are often apparent within the first few days of them entering the world! They really do enjoy celebrating themselves, so whether they finally make that dreaded steep garden step all on their own or conquer their fears of eating every last green vegetable, be sure to give them that round of applause they’re so desperate to hear!

Leos are natural born leaders and are always surrounded by swarms of friends and admirers; they absolutely love to play, dress up and run riot all day with their pals, so expect plenty of social outings with this little person about town.

Leos are natural born leaders and always surrounded by swarms of friends!





The month of August is their birth month and the mood is surprisingly mellow and reflective, though not necessarily for the worse. Your little performer appears to be learning how to self soothe when they’re hot & bothered and have acquired a newfound talent for reeling in their tendency for melodrama and foot stomping! Celebrating the milestone of another year on this earth is all the reason to spoil them with extra cuddles and kisses – enjoy the special occasion and use this precious time to appreciate the many layers of ambitious and determined Leo!

Leo’s are known to be bright and warm, and the tiniest of the cubs are certainly very vocal in their demands for mama’s time and affection! Other Leo children have a tendency to boast and show off; it’s a good idea to take them aside in order to gently explain a better way of communicating. They are very intuitive souls so will no doubt pick up on their mistakes quickly and right them straight away.

Leo’s are the smiliest babies! Darling balls of fun and laughter, these little cubs are full of energy and the need never to miss out. Though this can feel like a challenge at times – especially when it’s time for bed – once they’ve tired themselves out, they’re known to sleep all the night through, ready for another day of being the lively entertainers they are!

The tiniest of the cubs are certainly very vocal in their demands for mama’s time and affection!

A glimpse at the coming month for Virgo
August 23rd – September 22nd

Sometimes it seems as though your tiny Virgo has the whole world worked out, and this deeply intuitive and sensitive way of seeing things can prove a little troublesome for them at times. Chirpy one day and ruminative the next, it’s hard to keep check of their meandering thoughts. Suggest a ‘just you two’ day and explore the outside, whether that’s river walks, bike rides or trips to nearby special sights.


A glimpse at the coming month for Libra
September 23rd – October 22nd

Now that the little ones are given a bit more freedom to mix with park pals and school friends again (the new term is just around the corner!) it may be a good idea to keep an eye on who they are choosing for company. Lovable Libras are so impressionable and endearingly unassuming that they can end up feeling hurt and betrayed by those who have wronged them. Teach them how to take it on the chin and rise above it with a smile!


A glimpse at the coming month for Scorpio
October 23rd – November 21st

A challenging month for persistent Scorpio, August is all about setting their boundaries and not being fooled by their attempts to outwit you! So loved for their deftly crafty ways, your Scorpio has such a character at an astonishingly young age, don’t they just amaze and amuse you all day long!? Try to keep in mind just how important it is that they know when they are overstepping the mark. They’re truly special beings… With Scorpios, anything is possible!


A glimpse at the coming month for Sagittarius
November 22nd – December 21st

Your Sagittarian seems to be bursting with positive energy and unpredictable emotions to match so you may be feeling as though you’re completely out of ideas as to how you can placate them this month. It may seem like more of a hindrance than a help, but introduce them to some old nostalgic favourites of yours to watch. Something they can zone out to and be momentarily lost in while you wait for this tricky period to pass – and pass it will!


A glimpse at the coming month for Capricorn
December 22nd – January 19th

Much like Sagittarius, your little Capricorn has been feeling great… and then very, very hot-tempered, of late. Expect full-blown volcanic eruptions at the beginning of the month and then some much-needed cooldown towards the second half of August. With so much hysteria still prevalent when it comes to the global pandemic and capricious lockdown restrictions, your little one is sensing the tension around them. Introduce some distractions in the form of board games and quiz time!


A glimpse at the coming month for Aquarius
January 20th – February 18th



A slow and steady month for Aquarius, your air sign is showing incredible improvements in sustaining focus and being more inquisitive about a range of different subjects. They may be expressing a real keenness for getting back into a routine at school and learning about all the worldly things they’ve been taught at home during the lockdown. This little bright spark has a colourful future ahead – feed their growing imaginations and be their guiding light along the way!


A glimpse at coming month for Pisces
February 19th – March 20th

Family bonds and emotional communication is at a high this month, for every member of the household; your little Pisces seems to be really picking up on the closeness that everyone is feeling and, to that end, is more affectionate and giving than ever. They want to share their toys with their friends and smile their biggest smiles for the camera. It really is a joy to see them pick up on different energies and return the kindness in ways that make you feel proud.


A glimpse at the coming month for Aries
March 21st – April 19th



Mars is in Aries for the first time in two whole years, and your mini Arian is feeling a tad hot-headed due to the volatile planet momentarily staking its claim! Though energetic and sprightly, they’re communicating angrily… and wanting everything to go their way would be an understatement! Really talk through what’s going on internally; they may seem young for that conversation but you’ll be surprised by their ability to vocalise with rationale what it is they’re feeling.


A glimpse at the coming month for Taurus
April 20th – May 20th

Tiny Taureans are discovering the wonderment of problem solving this month. Total brainboxes when it comes to cracking puzzles and all things numbers, they’re really showing the best of themselves and doing absolute credit to whoever has been their teacher over the past few months! Let it be known to them how impressed you are and treat them to a day out of their choice… Taureans are on to big things!


A glimpse at the coming month for Gemini
May 21st – June 20th

The prized piece when it comes to teamwork and rallying round as a group, Gemini is absolutely loving that the lockdown restrictions are easing off ever so slightly, meaning they can get stuck into a whole host of activities with friends! And if they finished their last few weeks at school, you would have seen for yourself just how great they are at group work and taking the lead. Why not use some of that impressive expertise with the list of chores pinned to the fridge!


A glimpse at the coming month for Cancer
June 21st – July 22nd

There is so, so much for your little crab to get excited about over the coming weeks. The sun is shining, the pools are starting to reopen, trips have been booked and playdates have been scheduled! The energy is on the up, if a little bit frenzied. Keep them on the ground with a good routine and some balanced healthy snacks – sugar will not be your friend with this little fireball at the moment! Embrace their joyful smiles and enjoy the fun to come!















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