The month of June is predictably sunny and famed for its long hazy evenings and intrinsic connection to nature & love. The ancient Romans named this month of the year after Juno, the wife of the King of the Gods, Jupiter. Astrologically, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is the sign opposite Gemini. Juno and Jupiter often had their disagreements but they remained in love with each other because each one had that special fascination and quality that the other could not live without. So, as June is the month of love & being out in the open, let’s take a look at the many adorable traits of ultimate socialite, Gemini!

Represented by that celestial divine double act (two leading stars, Castor and Pollux!), Gemini is an air sign that is said to be interested in getting stuck into a whole host of pursuits that keep them busy and forever in demand!

 It’s this jam-packed calendar of Gemini’s that inspired the famous ‘twins’ which are often mistaken for being a symbol that alludes to two-facedness. But actually our extremely social and uber intelligent Geminis have got so very much going on, on the agenda, that it would make sense to clone them, so there are two bright sparks existing to get everything done in the time they have!

Gemini is an air sign that is said to be interested in getting stuck into a whole host of pursuits!



The month of June looks to be incredibly productive when it comes to harnessing your little one’s bursting enthusiasm however, they seem to be experiencing a little bit of difficulty in applying practicality and are seemingly steaming ahead with only the end goal in mind. This month, try to encourage them to think things through in every aspect; everything they set out to achieve will no doubt come a lot easier, as a result! We’re seeing some seriously sunny days ahead, so get them outdoors to the local park or in the garden if you have one, and introduce some new activities that’ll get them giggling and unleashing that brilliant sense of humour of theirs! Paddling pool games, bird bench making, gardening together… the list goes on!

Full of fun and naturally inquisitive, popular Gemini can often possess a very grown-up sense of humour and expert quick wit that will, in turn, have their own parents at a loss for words!

Geminis can tend to have personalities that are a tad more layered and hard to read, than others so, often friends and people close to them feel as though they need to test the waters before approaching them! This isn’t in any way a bad thing, though – it just means that they are more in touch with deeper emotions and find it hard to mask how passionately they can feel about certain subjects.

One of the things that makes Gemini so encapsulating and full of enchantment, is their ability to keep hold of childlike dreams and innocent qualities – afterall, Peter Pan was a Gemini, and everyone loved him!


From the moment they first enter the world, Gemini babies are highly alert and display a real love for interaction and plenty of background noise. They don’t enjoy being left alone and will certainly make it understood (thanks to a great deal of audible protesting!) that they want to be included in all things chitter chatter, even if they can only contribute with a few ‘gooh goohs and gah gahs’ for now!

A Gemini really can be anything they want to be, so let them know early that if they stay focused and work hard enough, they can make their dreams a reality!

Gemini babies are highly alert and display a real love for interaction!

A glimpse at the coming month for Cancer
June 21st – July 22nd

The sun moves into your little one’s creative sign on June 20th, coinciding with the summer solstice, so what better reason could there be to feel at one with the changing seasons than forming the perfect back garden setting to celebrate in! Your Cancerian seems to have been a little low in energy over the past couple of weeks; there’s no reason for the tiredness as such, but things are certainly about to turn a corner with much fun and laughter to be had!


A glimpse at the coming month for Leo
July 23rd – August 22nd

If your little lion isn’t going back to school just yet, you may find they are acting a bit fidgety and frustrated about not being able to see their friends. This is a tricky situation to overcome and may take a fair bit of time to explain the importance of staying at home for longer than anticipated – and of course, tiny cubs are very vocal in their demands – but all will be well again once they’re given the room to reflect and realise that staying safe comes first!


A glimpse at the coming month for Virgo
August 23rd – September 22nd

Working faster and harder than they’ve done all year, Virgos are really showing how putting in the time is worth it when it comes to school work! Give them lots of praise – it really drives them to keep going, and when they have their less productive days, encourage them to be accepting of that and to not punish themselves too much. We all have moments where we need to take a breather and do nothing; that’s how we gather the momentum to get back on it again!


A glimpse at the coming month for Libra
September 23rd – October 22nd

Little Libra is being uncharacteristically needy this month, so prepare for some half-done house chores in order to see to their vulnerable souls! Don’t fret too much about it; they’re just feeling a little more fragile than usual and this could be the result of too much exposure to the many goingson in the news, of late. Suggest a movie night with popcorn and pampering, and they’ll be right as rain and back to their beaming selves in no time!


A glimpse at the coming month for Scorpio
October 23rd – November 21st

If you ever feel like your tiny Scorpion is trying to seem calm and collected on the outside but holding a hurricane of emotions inside, then you’d be right – especially this month! Even at such a young age, they tend to decide it’s their duty to conceal hurt or sadness, so why not make this month about learning, as a family, how to express exactly how you all feel together! Slowly but surely, your little Scorpio will reveal those deeper layers and feel assured that it’s OK to let it all out.


A glimpse at the coming month for Sagittarius
November 22nd – December 21st

A strong month for personal progress, Sagittarius is really glowing with mounds of potential! It seems this month that your little Sagittarian is in a permanently good mood and their infectious laughter is pure joy to listen to. Actually this lockdown business has given them a chance to grow in their own space and time; usually the first to shy away from big crowds and to blush redder than roses, they are feeling really at ease with these familiar surroundings and their daily routines without the pressure of more people!


A glimpse at the coming month for Capricorn
December 22nd – January 19th

As your ‘born leader’, Capricorn grows older and wiser, they’ll no doubt have mastered the art of persuasion – they know how to get what they want, when they want it! Incredibly charming and always saying the right thing, ensure that they don’t get too used to having things go their way all the time, because they are stubborn little souls and though they often seem a lot maturer than their years, their difficulty with digesting things they don’t want to hear can prove a big downfall.


A glimpse at the coming month for Aquarius
January 20th – February 18th



Aquarians get so much out of being in the company of like minded people and they value their friendships like no other! This is why their time spent in lockdown and not being able to be with their best friends has felt like a punishment to them. These emotions are seemingly heightened mid June, so perhaps set up a Zoom call with their buddies or organise a park playdate if at all possible. They’ll thank you for it with endless cuddles and kisses!


A glimpse at coming month for Pisces
February 19th – March 20th

Mini Pisceans are showing a surprising interest in expressing themselves with their style, this month. Maybe it’s being around lots of fashion magazines, movies or even their stylish folks for a few months; either way, it’s lovely to see them so full of life about a subject that can draw out their creativity and natural flair for visual experimentation! Think lots of vivid colour and ‘out there’ shapes they can play around with. They could even get arty-crafty with sketching and sewing, too!


A glimpse at the coming month for Aries
March 21st – April 19th



Tough but vulnerable Aries is looking at a super positive month ahead, particularly once powerful planet Mars enters this enthusiastic sign on June 27th. Displaying buckets full of hands-on problem solving and the kind of initiative you never thought possible for a youngster to muster up of their own accord, it’s a great excuse to praise them and let them know how very proud of them you are. And who knows? You could have a little entrepreneur on your hands if they keep this up!


A glimpse at the coming month for Taurus
April 20th – May 20th

Taureans love to be and play outside. Couple this with music, and that is what will get them smiling through this month. It’s been tough feeling under pressure to think up new ideas that’ll keep little Taurus entertained all day, everyday but their musical nature and love to perform means possibilities aplenty, trust us on this! Perhaps you can try a festival-inspired day with a few pots and pans as drums, a guitar, a tent and some barbequed food of their choice!













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