What My Children Have Taught Me with Pretty in Pairs

What my children have taught me

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jessica of Pretty in Pairs shares valuable things she’s learnt from her adorable seven-month-old daughter Campbell.

Among the chaos and stress of day to day life/work, when I come home and she smiles literally nothing else matters. Campbell has a nanny from 8:30-5 Monday- Friday I cherish my mornings and evenings before bed with her. I put work away and give her my complete attention. Nothing brings me more joy than that little girl.

Babies are a lot of work and it’s easy to lose your cool. I remember in the early weeks being up all night nursing, I would find myself getting so frustrated. How could she possibly still be hungry? Why is my husband getting SO much sleep? Will I ever sleep again? Is this how my life will be forever? The answer is yes, eventually you will sleep again and it will get easier. I always like to remind myself that a lot of the challenging aspects of motherhood are a phase, while I know as one ends another begins it’s important to try to remain patient through each.

What my children have taught me

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m a planner at heart-I love a schedule, predictability and a plan. With a baby that just isn’t always possible. I’ve learned to be ok with the fact that I might be late, I might have to cancel and most importantly it’s ok to say no.

I was able to take almost 6 months off with my daughter for maternity leave. Pre-baby I assumed I’d tend to her needs, clean, cook and be what I thought was the perfect housewife/mother every day. I’m here to tell you it’s just not possible (especially those first few weeks). I relied on my husband and sister a lot. People are happy to help and it’s ok to ask.

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