What do you want to be when you grow up? A mini feature by Stella McCartney kids

We have discovered yet another cute kids’ fashion video by Stella McCartney. Produced by the designer herself and set to a track by The Black Lips, this sweet clip follows the antics of a bunch of high energy kids as they play in central park. The mini feature, titled What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? echoes themes which are at play in this season’s collection.

“When grow up I want to be a fashion designer”

The Stella McCartney Kids 2013 summer collection is full of nostalgic references to her own childhood. With cork soled Linda sandals in every colour of the rainbow, short denim dungarees and flare cut jeans with appliqué details reference the quintessential English summer holidays of yesteryear. Her collections for children always have a playful element. We love her funny-face beach towel which rolls into a duffle bag or a T-shirt with interchangeable Velcro funny-face shape details.

Stella McCartney Kids Parrot Dress

Stella McCartney Bird Print Dress

“The whole idea was to make clothes that kids will enjoy; and that are not restrictive.” Stella McCartney


In March this year Stella McCartney received an OBE for her contribution to the British Fashion Industry.


>Take a moment to get behind the scenes of the Stella McCartney Kids summer campaign shoot.

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