I love spring and summer weekends the most. My children love being out and about, burning off energy, and it means we can spend entire weekends mooching about in and exploring parks. We live in East London so are fortunate enough to have some of the city’s finest green spaces surrounding us!





Our current local haunts which have made for some really great afternoons include Wanstead where we can play in the park and visit the bluebells, and Victoria Park which is probably our favourite for pottering about and people watching, especially now the weather is so much warmer.

The splash park and the Olympic park in Stratford are some of our favourites to spend the long days adventuring at… And fortunately, they all offer a bunch of lovely coffee shops nearby for me to sit back and relax in, too!

We often use the parks as meeting places with friends. For coffees or picnics… But the most exciting news yet is that we are planning on welcoming a puppy into the family, so I’m hoping he or she will take to our weekend agenda accordingly!







The kids never just walk… They’re super active and are usually on bikes, scooters or possibly roller skates (a new addition to the collection which gives me a heart attack everytime they wobble). Our favourites are currently the new Stoy bikes (pictured)! Isabella, 4, had a balance bike from 18 months so learned to ride a bike quite early. Jesse will be 3 in a few months and I keep trying to coax him onto a balance bike but of course he wants one ‘with pedals’ like his sister so he’s currently on a proper bike with stabilisers. He always wants to do whatever she does (sometimes I feel like I have twins as they’re fairly close in age) so I’m sure he won’t be far behind her!





Now that Isabella’s weekdays are spent keeping busy at school, the weekends are the only times she isn’t in uniform and is able to experiment with different options. She absolutely loves to choose her own clothes. But unfortunately I love choosing them too so there’s the occasional disagreement! Dresses and sandals are always a good, safe option, and though I love dressing my kids up in fun, statement styles, I still like them to look like kids and to feel comfortable for whatever mischief they get themselves into!

Jesse is (as many toddlers tend to be!) extremely fussy about his clothes at the moment. He’s absolutely obsessed with cardigans so, this The Animals Observatory number is, needless to say, worn on repeat – no matter the weather or occasion; he simply lives in it! He does however, change his mind on what he wants to wear throughout the day – which results in endless amounts of washing! But that’s OK because he has great taste 🙂




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