My Funny Valentine with Eleonore Crompton


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and here at Alex and Alexa we are feeling the love.
Whether you decide to watch a romcom with your best friend, go out with your loved ones, or cosy up at home
with your kids, it’s nice to have a tradition.

This week, Eleonore Crompton of The Mumday Times shares her lovely Valentine’s Day tradition with her family.
Read her story below.

I think I can safely say we are the cheesiest family going when it comes to Valentine’s day. We are the family that make Hallmark executives sing and Valentine cynics gag and it’s all my husband’s fault.

He proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, at the top of a mountain, on a snow seat that he made for me with glasses of Champagne and a picnic (cheese factor rating: high) and ever since, we have always celebrated the date with a special breakfast, cards, gifts and dinner. Now we have three kids the Valentine rituals have become even pinker and all-consuming. If you do heart-shaped toast and fried eggs one year you’ve really got to keep building on that…

This year I’m trying to make Valentine’s morning especially pretty for the girls who are still extremely cross about having had to move house before Christmas. In spite of the extra space and living a stone’s throw from both sets of grandparents, they miss our “cute and cosy flat and the much nicer garden”. I miss it too but we’re working on making the new place feel like home and there’s nothing like a family tradition for doing that.



Cue more flowers than Johnny Depp ever dreamed of budgeting for, heart shaped French Toast with maple syrup and berries (the fried eggs always go misshapen), blueberry smoothies and a big pot of vanilla chai tea. For one year only I’ve also got them little table gifts (for an extra cheer up) and there are some chocolate hearts on the table too.  When I told the kids we were going to do Valentine’s day dress rehearsal for Alex and Alexa this year the squeals were deafening. They couldn’t believe their luck as they dutifully slurped down their smoothies. What started as Happy Engagementversary has now turned into a full-on family event and we couldn’t be more defiantly cheesy and proud!  

With thanks to Eleonore Crompton X


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