Iconic and unrivalled outerwear label, Barbour has been waving its magic wand at British wardrobes for 125 years, now! That’s five generations of classic wax jackets and quilted winter coats to be cherished, lived in and loved a thousand times over…




Still family owned and continuing to break ground in the North East of England, not much has changed about the way the company is run. But now an established global lifestyle brand, catering for more than 40 countries worldwide, Barbour can undoubtedly stake its claim to producing some of the “best clothing for the worst weather around the world.”

The beating heart of the brand – Barbour’s trusty waxed jacket, is still hand-tailored by the maestro machinists of the fashion world, using age-old techniques that see superior fabrics cleaved and cut on huge tables, corduroy knifed into collared wings and simply put: needlecraft working wonders around the clock.

Quite honestly, we know what works. If we try for more, it can become gimmicky, and we would hate for that to happen to us.

Unveiling a rich archive of mini-me favourites, our edit of timeless Barbour jackets, coats and trendsetting tops will surely take the reins when the stormy weather hits!







Grey Marl Flocked Logo Crew Sweater

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Black International Duke Wax Jacket

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Gold Ross Hooded Padded Coat

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Grey Marl International Logo Sweatshirt

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