Babyccino Kids blogger Courtney Adamo shares unique gifts for kids from AlexandAlexa

 Meet Courtney, Mom of three, blogger and entrepreneur. She’s the second contributor in the AlexandAlexa style series. Courtney is one of the founders of Babyccino Kids, a parenting blog which has gone global on the back inspirational posts and knack for finding the most fabulous shopping finds online. Read this entry to find out how the Babyccino Kids blog started and find out what it was like on the set of the AlexandAlexa shoot.


Babyccino Kids started as an online diary shared between four mothers, which allowed them to keep in touch. Writing from Milan, Paris, Amsterdam and London they used the blog to share their discoveries, new stores that they loved and delicious recipes their children would eat. Since then Babyccino Kids has gone public and is well loved by readers for its continued ability to uncover unique finds.  Last year they were voted the Top Design Blog for Mums by Babble and they are favourites of the Independent and the Telegraph.


Courtney Adamo in her workspace

Courtney’s workspace

“They’ve had children but haven’t given up their “first” lives: young women with the desire to do things–to go out and enjoy life.”_Glamour Magzine Italy

 babyccino interior

We filmed the second instalment of our Style Series in Courtney’s lovely London home. As avid readers of Babyccino Kids we were delighted to find that stepping into Courtney’s home is like walking into the Babyccino Kids blog itself, you instantly recognise the carefully curated pieces that she writes about. It is obvious that the Babyccino Kids team really live by their principles of writing about what they truly love. Right now we can’t get enough of their Dinner Time Rituals series, where the Babyccino contributors invite us into their homes to show us how dinner is done. We are so impressed how the Babyccino Mums (AND Dads) approach this chaotic time of the day is approached with style, creativity and tenderness.

the babyccino kids team

The Babyccino Team © 2012 Babyccino Kids



Courtney believes that the internet has directly impacted the experience of modern day motherhood and is an important tool for research, saving time and maintaining friendships. Motherhood can become isolating, when women make life transitions to spend more time with their children they can lose some of the connections they have with other adults. Modern mothers often find that they have moved away from family and instead can turn to the net for day-to-day advice.

“With the internet you’re not alone at home with other kids; you’re connected to other mothers”-Courtney Adamo

We are all big fans here at AlexandAlexa and are always keen to run our favourite things past the team for their discerning feedback – we know a product is truly special if the Babyccino team decide to feature it on their blog.




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