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We couldn’t wait to share one of our favourite new videos with you from the team at Trunki. These British creators of original luggage for kids make some of our best sellers, including the Trunkisaurus ride-on suitcase for travelling tots (available in green or yellow). Since the companies remarkable start in 2006 , they have expanded their range to include other cute travel essentials, which double as quirky friends to keep the kids entertained. When the guys from Trunki turned up at AlexandAlexa the other day we were all wondering if they were carrying new samples or if they have taken to using the Trunkis as briefcases.


  1. Hi
    Not sure if your aware of have seen the 2012 Olympic trunki its pretty cool but they have also design a host of other product that amazing. These product help families save time and money as well as get organized. Its kind hard to believe no one thought about it before oh well no one cared enough about the kids marketing but it goes to show you that you have to be creative and think outside the box.

    Keep publish great stuff like this and looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.


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