Attention all Cancerians! It may seem strange, but you can expect to find yourselves acting a little more like a Capricorn during your special birthday month. This means you’ll be making good use of their positive traits like organising and finishing that well-overdue life admin stuff you’ve been putting off for a while! You’ll still be your own Cancerian caring and nurturing selves but you’ll be more objective and less sensitive to others’ criticisms – win, win!

So let’s talk about the kids. Well, Cancer is a cardinal water sign, represented by the friendly crab of course!

Residing in the ocean’s freshest waters and out on the sandy shore too, the pincer-happy crab’s changeable living habits symbolises Cancer’s tendency to thrive in both emotional and material states. Known to be rather intuitive when it comes to gauging energy, Cancerians are highly sensitive to their surroundings and also make a big effort to protect themselves. Anybody recognise this trait in their little Cancer? Just like their spirit animal, they often come with external shells, seemingly hard to break through but once they let down their barriers, Cancers are famously gentle, kind and compassionate. Their hard exteriors are all the more reason to appreciate being let in once you’re considered worthy!

Cancerians are highly sensitive to their surroundings and make a big effort to protect themselves.




The month of July may seem a little strained for your mini Cancer. Displaying their inherent need to know that all is OK with loved ones at all times, they may be in need of some reassuring from mum or dad. At present, the news is frightening for young, impressionable minds but the great thing is that we are all able to venture outdoors now the lockdown restrictions have eased off. Try to create a full, action-packed day to resemble pre-lockdown life to a T! We can’t completely shield them from what’s going on in the world, but we can certainly make sure they know it’s not their issue to worry about! Try to keep them relaxed and happy as much as is possible this month.

A Cancerian’s emotional depth is usually the answer for their popularity. Loved by everyone they come into contact with, and ALWAYS in the company of doting friends, Cancer’s are simply fantastic to be around when they’re up! That is… when they’re not being the best versions of themselves, they can tend to express snappy behaviour.

As previously mentioned, Cancer’s aren’t particularly forthcoming with explaining what’s bothering them, and often this is the reason for their mood swings and abrupt tantrums – they are ruled by the ever changing moon, so you can expect a show of ecstatically happy and eager to please emotions one minute, followed by a tornado of rage and some serious feet stomping the next! It’s all part of the fun though, because Cancerians are truly special beings with mounds of love to give.

Cancerians are truly special beings with mounds of love to give!

A glimpse at the coming month for Leo
July 23rd – August 22nd

Energy is on the up for little Leo! Putting those attention commanding, fidgety antics to good use, your little one seems to be growing mentally by the day, showing that they know what they want and are determined to get it. Leo’s big personality calls for big efforts in keeping them entertained… but since they are natural performers themselves, just give them a backdrop and watch them run the show!


A glimpse at the coming month for Virgo
August 23rd – September 22nd

Virgos, for all their famed meticulousness and need to have things in order, are actually pretty good at letting things slide, too! And while that is completely OK, and they should feel free to revel in countless lazy days, they don’t really like it. Feeling that things are disorderly is a big bugbear for Virgo but just let them do their thing, and within a few days, they’ll have everything compartmentalised, feeling clear headed as a result.


A glimpse at the coming month for Libra
September 23rd – October 22nd

Little Libras are delighting in verbal communication this month – particularly the sounds of their own voices! If you’ve got a Libra babe at home, encourage them to natter loudly and freely, as talking a lot will eventually be the ‘thing’ they’re known for! Converse at length with your chatterbox, no matter how futile it may seem… Just the sounds of their own voices getting some airtime is therapy enough for these little characters!


A glimpse at the coming month for Scorpio
October 23rd – November 21st

Your Scorpio’s complex mind seems to be running at a thousand miles per hour this month. Teaching children how to channel their inner calm, and to practice spirituality is always a good idea, as it helps to soothe their little souls – from learning how to breathe properly to being more mindful and ‘in the moment’, perhaps you can engage them in a spot of morning YouTube yoga to start the day off right!


A glimpse at the coming month for Sagittarius
November 22nd – December 21st

Attention spans are running at zero for little Sagittarians, this month! Half finished ‘projects’ and barely watched TV shows (even their favourites!) are becoming a regular theme at home. Sagittarians simply love to be on the move but the good news is, their tendency to become restless often, can be dissolved in an instant! Embark on a long walk, lasting the whole day, with green surroundings and the room to explore freely; being surrounded by nature can really do wonders for the mind and its ability to focus.


A glimpse at the coming month for Capricorn
December 22nd – January 19th

It’s all about friends, friends friends for Capricorn, at the moment! Whether they’re back at school already, or waiting it out until September, nothing seems to keep them distracted from their innate keenness to socialise and form strong bonds. It may be a good idea to come together with some local mums, to set up a distanced park playdate (tough for the tiny ones, we know!) with a theme like a Teddy Bears Picnic!


A glimpse at the coming month for Aquarius
January 20th – February 18th



A big month for overcoming obstacles and getting out of bad habits, you’re feeling extremely proud of your little air sign, this July. However fixed or short-lived this new way of approaching things is, Aquarius seems to be really listening at present, taking things in and delighting in the praise they’re receiving as a result! Why not suggest a ‘treat day’ of their choice, to reward their patience and consideration of others!


A glimpse at coming month for Pisces
February 19th – March 20th

The whole keeping a distance and staying safe at home stuff may actually offer quite a welcome escape for your tiny Piscean, right now. The good thing about keeping things local is that it takes the pressure off; there are no big, scary social events to attend, the weather hasn’t exactly been kind to us in the UK, and if their confidence is at a low, it’s absolutely OK to stay indoors with their favourite movie and a selection of sweet treats!


A glimpse at the coming month for Aries
March 21st – April 19th

If anyone has ever thought of your little one as a delicate flower or a soft touch at times, this is the month that will show another side to your Aries entirely! They’ve often lacked the ability to trust their instincts, and experience difficulties in finding their voice when in the company of bigger characters… Not this time! Watching your little one grow day by day is a privilege; be sure to encourage them to believe in themselves along the way.


A glimpse at the coming month for Taurus
April 20th – May 20th

Seemingly going about life in a world of their own, your tiny Taurus is in a little bubble, this month! Work with this newfound reflectiveness and introduce them to a world of children’s literature and the basic first steps to writing – you won’t regret it! Being able to harness your offspring’s ability to imagine and create is a privilege! And perhaps this could be the start of something special, as their own swirls of ideas start to take shape for the future!


A glimpse at the coming month for Gemini
May 21st – June 20th

A great big ball of energy right now, little Gemini is expressing a want to do everything and anything that involves lots of mess, some very late nights and non stop activities with ever present input from mum or dad! Don’t fret too much though, because this is just a little phase – an exhausting one, sure! But in the meantime, just sit back and let yourselves be entertained; Geminis sure do love to make people laugh, so allow for the madness and live in the now!











The Cancer colour palette is awash with warm yellow upon floral accents and the occasional pop of red to keep things energised and alive!




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Gemma Gould is a British illustrator, based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Drawing inspiration from traditional printmaking techniques, she combines vibrant geometric shapes with textured details and gentle humour to create charmingly quirky illustrations. Gemma has worked with clients worldwide across numerous markets, including children’s books, editorial and animation.


Find more of her work here: @gemillustrates

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