It’s so, so important for our youngsters’ emotional wellness to remain as upbeat and thriving as their bodily health! And what better way to keep up that ‘Stay At Home’ momentum than with a super simple series of activities, designed to encourage them to stay connected to their inner being… Scroll on to get involved!


Activity Sheet 1

Feelings Sheet

How To:

It’s fine to not be feeling so fine, and it’s great if you’re riding that positivity wave, too! Whatever you’re feeling right now could change by bedtime… And that’s OK! Fill in the sheet by drawing little faces to reflect your mood every morning, afternoon and bedtime!



Activity Sheet 2

What am I
grateful for today?

How To:

Why not stop for a second to think about what makes you most happy in life? What are you thankful for and could you simply never be without!? Fill in the boxes with your best artist skills. This is a great mood lifter and will no doubt change the way you look at things if you feel a little bit down!



Activity Sheet 3

What am I most
looking forward to?

How To:

What are you excited about doing in the future? Close your eyes and try to imagine exactly how it will be. Fill in the sheet to really bring that thought to life! Remember, little ones… better times are coming. But for now, enjoy your indoor adventures with the Alex and Alexa Stay at Home Club and keep reminding yourselves of all the things you’ve got in life to smile about!



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