The Cake Trends You Need To Know About

Tori Spelling celebrates her daughter Stella's 3rd Birthday with 'Hello Kitty' Cake Pops. Picture Startracks Photo / Rex Features

In recent years the popularity of beautifully decorated cakes has soared. From large scale dramatic designs to pixie sized cupcakes, everyone wants a bite. The so called “cupcake craze” has been going strong for over ten years and has paved the way for a host of other cake fads – all of them irresistibly good. In search of inspiration for a new round of spring/summer children’s birthday parties we kept coming across the same delightful treats. Here we identify some of the cake trends you need to know about with the hope to inspire you to try one of these treats for yourself.



The popularity of these luxurious little treats can be dated back to the 50’s and 60’s, when cupcakes were initially associated with the ideal homemaker. These small cakes were quick to bake and decorate. New York stores such as the Magnolia bakery (which now has stores worldwide) sparked an international crazy for these tiny creations, fuelled by an appearance in the HBO’s iconic SATC. The most expensive cupcake in the world cost £645 and boasts 23-carats of edible gold sheets and dust.


A cake shop in 1938. Image SMU Central University Libraries.




Cake pops combine two of a child’s favourite sweets, lollipops and cakes. A Cake Pop is a small spherical cake placed on top of a lollipop stick, they come in all different colours and designs and are a favourite around Halloween time (as the can be made to look like heads on sticks). These tasty treats were invented by a baker who goes by the name Bakerella. They earned their stripes as a main-stream cake trend after appearing in Starbucks. Try one of the numerous recipes from the Cake Pop’s creator Bakerella .



Although this isn’t exactly a cake, it’s a sweet delight that we couldn’t resist mentioning. Pashmak is described as a “Persian candy Floss” and is made using mainly sugar, flour and oil. Pashmak is a colourful treat that stands beautifully on its own but placed on top of a simple cupcake becomes a centrepiece. It may look complicated but we have a guide to the perfect homemade Persian Fairy Floss that is sure to have you making it again and again.




The doodle cake is a cake covered with fondant icing that is decorated with edible markers. This is another form of decoration that the entire family can be involved in and the result is edible artwork. Why not contrast the white exterior with a vibrant rainbow cake interior? If you’d like to let your children loose in a tasty and creative way we have the perfect recipe for edible art.



The Push Pop cake was created by the Meringue Bake shop and was inspired by the Push Pop candy craze of the 90s. These unique delights have become an overnight sensation and though they may look difficult to create this push-pop cake recipe will show you how to assemble these nostalgic treats. Using a classic push-up, a push pop cake can be made simply by layering circular cake cuttings, fruit and icing into the plastic case.
ombre valentine cake push pops.




Is it edible? Is it not? A sweet and delicious Forget- me- not.


Flower Pot Cakes


These cakes have the beauty of a flower with a delightful taste. If ever there was a reason to get inventive it would be these cakes. Martha Stewart perfected this unique recipe for a decedant chocolate “mud” cake and with spring on the way it may be the ideal time to try it out.


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