Summer Adventures : Family Travel Focus With Heidi Raeside of Tuesdayschild

This summer, Dubai-based blogger Heidi Raeside of tuesdayschild is escaping the soaring temperatures of the metropolis and jetting off to New Zealand with her family. Read her travel photoblog below, and find out what she’ll be packing in her boys’ suitcases.
Heidi New Zealand 2
This Summer we are in New Zealand, in Nelson where my parents moved to eight years ago.  It’s winter here, but dry and sunny. Day-to-day, we’ll be on the beach, in the forest and the many great kids’  parks.  It’s cold and the only time of the year the boys will wear trousers, jumpers, socks, etc. I’ve bought them girls’ soft, stretch skinny jeans (there’s not a stitch of pink on them) and they are perfect paired with a Nanna-knitted cable jumper and DM boots. Otherwise, it’s lots of striped sweaters and camo combats. It’s such a novelty seeing them in winter clothes, I just want to squeeze the pips out of them when I see them wrapped up in cosy jumpers!


They quickly get used to the layers, socks, trainers or boots and hats.  Teddy has a fab navy Barbour coat and James a big duffle coat – I bought both in the winter sales in preparation. Ted has an adorable fur-lined deerstalker style hat and James a knitted beanie with ears, which they are quite happy to wear given how ‘fresh’ it can get here.  Where as Teddy is more malleable with his style, I tend to dress him like my dolly. For example, he has a gorgeous yellow, toggle buttoned fisherman’s coat that he wears sometimes and I love.
We’re in Sydney for a week in August and the shopping there is great, for all of us.  I’ll stock up on our warm Dubai wardrobes whilst there.


1. Barts Beanie | 2. Petit Bateau Jacket | 3. Petit Bateau Jeans | 4. Petit Bateau Raincoat | 5. Hatley WelliestuesdayschildWith thanks to Heidi Raeside of tuesdayschild X

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