Stylish Storage: Toy Boxes and Chests

Kids rooms can be a nightmare to keep tidy. Whilst young minds flick endlessly from activity to activity, they leave a trail of toys in their wake. Not mention all of the new toys that they just had to have. So, we’ve been looking for some stylish solutions to toy storage in kids’ bedrooms. Here are our pick of the best:

1. Jamie storage boxes from Laura Ashley Home (£22.50).

2. A classic toy chest from (£49.99).

3. Fabulous Blackboard Storage Box from Great Little Trading Co (£25.00 each).

4. These cute animal storage boxes caught our eye from A Place for Everything. Kids will want to tidy up having seen these! (£25.00 for 2).

5. have a wide selection of storage boxes and toy chests. One of our favourites is this Safari chest (£249.95) and you can even customize them for your child.

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