Lively little athletes, keep those limbs a’moving! Delight in some well deserved downtime or a much needed catch up with the gang!

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring for the kids but if in need of a boost to get them on their feet and busy with a whole host of things to do, scroll on to explore our favourite five…


Get Moving

P.E. With Joe Wicks – Excercise


Offering a free daily workout aimed at kids (and grown ups!) of all ages, Joe Wicks knows how important it is to keep our children’s bodies and minds as positive, active and healthy as can be, right now!

“Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.” And while the schools are currently closed, what better way to kick start a more active daily lifestyle than with these easy-to-follow, bitesize videos.

Join Joe at Week 1 over on his Youtube channel, The Body Coach TV and welcome those feel good vibes for thirty minutes a day!




A Moment of Calm

Cosmic Yoga – Mindfulness


Introduce your littl’uns at this young, blossoming age to yoga, mindfulness and relaxation with a series of interactive and stimulating videos, brought to you by Cosmic Kids Yoga!

Created with a view to encouraging youngsters to build on their strength, balance and confidence, this thoughtfully put together Youtube channel can offer the perfect remedy for those manic days of never-ending chaos. With Cosmic Kids Yoga, parents can actually achieve that longed-for moment of calm!




Virtual Education

Youtube Kids – Educational


Bring on a multitude of educational videos that add bursts of colour and energy to activities we’d previously thought of as dull and ‘samey’! There’s so much on offer when it comes to this library full to the brim with different topics, harnessing your little brain-boxes’ inner creativity and love for play.




Let’s Celebrate

Zoom Birthday Party


A familiar word nowadays, Zoom is the ultimate saviour when it comes to reconnecting with your loved ones. Your kiddo may have been looking forward to celebrating their birthday in a big way with their best buddies, this year and there’s no reason why they can’t still do that via the magic of the internet! With Zoom, you can invite a number of their friends to join in on a virtual party; it’s not the real thing, but it’s guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.




Cut, Stick & Paste

Arts & Crafts – Pinterest


Coming to mini artists all the way from the Garden City, Bangalore, India, Artsy Craftsy Mom is passionate about children’s art and creativity! She loves to share ideas, information and inspiration regularly on her Pinstagram, so that parents and kids can enjoy the process of getting crafty as a team! Whether you’re after art ideas, seasonal crafts or family fun activities, Artsy Craftsy Mom is the one to turn to for all the best tips!


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