Sanity Secrets : How I Make It Work

How I Make It Work

How I Make It Work

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From wine o’clock to trashy TV, we ask three of our A&A Collective bloggers what gets them through the madness…

How I Make It Work

My end-of-the-day, congratulatory, ‘you kept the baby alive’ glass of Red Wine used to be what kept me sane when Etta was very little. It was the daily switch that meant I was officially ‘off duty’ and could relax and it was something I especially needed in the months when Etta was learning how to crawl and walk – when everything suddenly became a terrifying danger. These days, with a brand new baby boy on the way, my glass of wine has been replaced by a big glass of elderflower cordial but I find it does the exact same thing; it’s the switch that tells me I can clock off and enjoy a bit of me-time.

How I Make It Work

When your days are spent looking after everyone else’s needs, I’m a firm believer in taking time out to look after your own. Whether that’s carving out time for a super-indulgent bath, getting up early to go for a run, going out with friends, watching your favourite trashy TV programme or even taking 1/2 hour out with a coffee and a book / magazine / iPad, it’s really important for my sanity to do something every day just for ‘me’. By taking time out, I’m a much better mother for it.

How I Make It Work

City life can be tough. We have all these exciting things to do and see but sometimes it can all become a little overwhelming. Add three kids, two dogs, cramped vertical living space, and a traveling-for-work-all-the-time husband and the days can seem downright unbearable. I have learned to slow it all down and connect with each person in my home. I know it sounds totally crazy but I even take a moment with the dogs! I send them love and good energy, too. And at the end of the day when the kiddos (and pups) are sleeping I try to make time for myself. Even if that means watching an hour of mindless TV.

With thanks to Alice Chetley of Avocado Magazine | Alex Gorton of Wear & Where | Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City X

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