As part of our Real Dads series, we caught up with travel and parenting blogger Graham Chau to find out about life with his two boys, Jacob and Caleb, including what they’ve been up to in lockdown. Take a look…

How did you feel upon finding out you were going to be a dad for the first time?

I was incredibly happy as we had been trying for a baby for a while. I was excited to meet mini versions of us!

And how did that compare to when you met your little ones for the first time in real life?

Meeting my children for the first time was surreal. They look a bit strange when they first come out…! I felt happy of course, but I also felt nervous, knowing that I am responsible for them.




What would you say you’ve realised is the most important life lesson to take with you throughout the journey of fatherhood? Is there anything that you would do differently?


I would say the most important lesson of fatherhood is being present with your kids.


You have to really be in the moment with them and give them your full attention for them to thrive.


One thing I would do differently is perhaps doing a bit more research on how to look after babies and learn more about the different stages they go through.


But hey, practice makes perfect!


What is your favourite thing to do when spending quality time with the kids?


Both our boys love going out. Since lockdown we have been enjoying exploring the neighbourhood as a family.

We made it our mission to visit as many local playgrounds as we can. When we are not out and about, I love spending time reading with the boys. Jacob is a keen reader and he will always request you read to him!




What most surprised you about being a father?


I didn’t expect they would require this much attention! Before I had kids, I thought you can basically carry on with your normal life on top of changing a few dirty nappies… I have never been more wrong!


I have come to learn that being a father means to sacrifice. Sacrifices comes in more shapes and forms, from letting them eat the best part of the chicken to sacrifices you make in your career.


But what surprised me the most was how much love I have for them.


When you look into the future, what do you see? What are your hopes and dreams for your little ones when they’re all grown?


I want them to become people who would make a positive impact in the world and be a blessing in their communities.


I want them to love God, to serve God and other people.

The first time Jacob met Caleb is a memory that I will cherish forever

How have you dealt with the pressures of Covid-19, and all the unsettling changes that come with it?

So much has happened this year in the midst of Covid-19. I had been working from home for the last 8 months and in that time, we had moved house and had Caleb.

We had plans to travel this year but obviously can’t now. However, I had enjoyed being at home and watching my boys grow up.

Jacob has developed so much this year and I am so glad I was able to witness that. I had also been able to help out a lot more with Caleb than I did when Jacob was first born.

The only difficult thing is not being able to see our extended family as much. Hopefully, we can make up for that once things are back to normal.





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