Charlotte Kewley aka @thelittlestylist, kids’ stylist and mum to Isabella, 7, Jesse, 5 and Cece, 11 months shares her tips in the run up to her youngest’s first birthday.




Our eldest children both had big first birthday parties. I loved them but to be honest found it all quite stressful. And at this age the little ones don’t care. So, for Cece’s we’re keeping it small with just immediate family. A traditional tea party with a few games for the children, delicious food, a cute table set up and cake.

Take Lots of Photos

My eldest two LOVE looking back at pictures of themselves as a baby. They each have an album of their first year which is regularly poured over and the first birthday celebrations are a highlight. I’ll be doing the same for Cece.



A traditional tea party with a few games for the children, delicious food, a cute table set up and cake.




Party Looks

I remember at my son’s party I had him all dressed in the most beautiful romper and his nappy leaked through within an hour so he had to change. Luckily, I had a backup option. Lesson learnt. This time I’ll have two special 1 st birthday party outfits ready to go.



Kid’s Concept
Natural Doll Pushchair

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Invest in Reusable Tableware

I love Rice A/S kids’ melamine collections. They’re fun, stylish practical, can go in the dishwasher and saves you money in the long run as you can use it for every single party, playdate and meal going forward. For years. Liewood’s reusable cupcake cases are another great buy! I also like to mix & match tableware so add to the collection as the children – and
number of attendees – grow.



The Cake & Décor

I just think a beautiful cake (it doesn’t have to be elaborate – a simple cake with a statement cake topper is my go-to for minimum effort, maximum impact) and perfect, considered décor is a lovely sight. It makes me happy! I prefer a more traditional party set up than a specific theme – so we’ll have some balloons and banners but as it’s spring I’ll incorporate lots of fresh flowers.




A simple cake with a statement cake topper is my go-to!




Dove Blue Mix Zuzu Stacking Blocks

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I’ll be buying just a couple of practical, beautiful toys for Cece. A doll she can use as a walker being the big-ticket item. Then wrapping up lots of clothes and accessories she needs in the next size up to pad it out while I can get away with it!




Get the Look



Bobo Choses
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Stone Cotton Rib Knee-High Pom-pom Socks

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Orange Daisy Patsy Knit Cardigan

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Belle Enfant
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