Tribe and Us is a green-living, plant-loving little unit of five!

With a gorgeous trio of energetic kiddos to keep check of, Kate knows a thing or two about keeping them entertained on a rainy day! This time, she’s welcomed us into her green, green paradise as her brood get their little fingers muddy with a step-by-step Potting Jade Plants tutorial…


About The Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

The Jade plant originally comes from South Africa and can grow up to 10ft tall! The Jade plant is actually a succulent and has thick waxy leaves; its stems store water during dry periods. How cool is that! Simply put, it’s just an awesome house plant loved by people all the world over. If your jade is happy and loving the sun, its leaves will develop reddish edges which makes them even more appealing to green-fingered enthusiasts like us! The jade plant is thought to be a good luck symbol for money and is also referred to as the ‘Money Plant’; it’s especially lucky to keep a jade by your entrance to bring money into the house.

Step One:
Take a 10cm cutting that has at least
six leaves on them. 



Step Two:
Place the cutting into a jar of water
and wait for roots to appear.



Step Three:
Once you have roots appear, put them
into a pot using special soil for
Succulents and cacti.



Step Four:
Put on a bright window sill
and water regularly.


With thanks to Tribe and Us


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