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Thrilled to say hi, let me introduce myself… I’m Lucy Felton, Alex and Alexa’s Life & Style Contributor, a fashion journalist turned lifestyle blogger at The Lucy Edit, wife, mum of two (one of each – Hector, 3,  Hadley, 1) and lover of chocolate, décor and buying hordes of magazines I inevitably never get to read!

Just like you guys, I’m a mother trying to juggle it all, stay sane and pretend I’ve got all bases covered when I’m generally having a meltdown on the inside and dropping plates left, right and centre. I never get to go to the bathroom alone anymore and can’t remember the last cup of tea I drank hot, but would I change it? Of course not! As I navigate the chaos that is life with two tinies, I’m here sharing my motherhood journey with you all. Expect plenty of baby hacks, parenting tips and postpartum advice.








When the world hit pause as the pandemic took hold, every mummy and daddy across the globe became ultimate warrior parents overnight. In an instant lockdown set in and the mama-and-papahood juggle multiplied tenfold. We saw keyworkers powering on through, childcare options disappearing, work-from-home desks popping up in any nook of the house not claimed by toys and laundry, home schooling rolled-out and everything in between. Family homes have been stretched to the max, patience has been tested, grandparents have been sorely missed and we’ve had to adapt like never before.


There’s no escaping that what’s going on in the world is horrible and the heartache COVID-19 has brought has floored us, but when it comes to (quite literally) shielding our little ones from an incoming threat, parents do everything in their power to protect their brood. During all of this, that’s meant keeping our children’s joyful, imaginative, fairy dust-sprinkled, mud-splattered worlds as intact as we can. Routines, play dates, school life and pals have been absent, so we’ve harnessed the moments of hope and love during an extremely unsettling time, turning all the change into one big adventure. We’ve kept our tiny ones fed, bathed, cuddled, entertained and loved – taking one day at a time – because, let’s face it, that’s all any of us can do at the moment.












You probably know your neighbours and your street way more than ever now, right? It’s the heart-warming stories of communities helping each other, the waves and smiles in the street as we take our daily exercise, the kindnesses, care packages left on doorsteps, rainbows in windows and clapping in solidarity for the NHS that’s kept us going.

I will never forget the delight on their faces when I took Hector and Hadley for their first park picnic once restrictions were eased. Before, we’d taken laying out the blanket and diving into the cool bag for granted and that initial post-lockdown fridge-raid feast in Bushy Park will stay with me forever. The freedom! It’s the simple things and the simple life that really matters. If any good is to come from this outbreak, it’s the moment everything switched, we slowed down, finally started living in the moment and embraced a new normal.


While we begin to plan our socially distanced BBQ’s, continue to clipper our son’s hair (the best we can) and come up with more inventive ways of spending our time, the return to a more traditional, homemade lifestyle is now celebrated and firmly rooted. The great escape to the garden, local park and beach, growing our own, fixing up our houses and making everything we can from scratch. Being kind to the environment, zero waste mentalities and sourcing our food locally.

So whether you’re a schedule-pro with a supercharged routine running like clockwork or are more than happy to take a laidback approach to your day-to-day, parenting post-pandemic will be all about doing our best. With everything now centred around our homes, for summer 2020 their staycation wardrobes will be working extra hard, whether daytrippin’ to the garden or whipping up home bakes at a moment’s notice. Building their at-home ensembles needn’t be another big task on the job list with these simple ideas for shaking things up.




Inject Punch With Arty Prints


From Mini Rodini’s friendly sea creatures dress to Beau Loves rock, paper, scissors tee and ‘Draw like no-one’s watching’ shorts, a popping illustrated pattern makes for a happy riot of colour and creativity. Why not grab the colouring pencils and set them the task of copying some of the motifs and prints found in their wardrobes?

1. Tinycottons Orange & Red Hearts Cross Back Dress | 2. Beau Loves Red Draw Baby Short Sleeve T-shirt



3. One Day Parade Brown Parade Cardigan


Celebrate Easy Shapes


For kids, simple wins. A breezy cotton dress can adapt to any activity and both Tinycottons and Rylee + Cru update classic cuts with cute strap details and interesting earthy hues. While switching a knit cardigan for One Day Parade’s slogan button up jersey makes taking the chill off this summertime super duper comfy.



5. Kuling Pink Crocodile Algarve Swimsuit


Swimwear Becomes A Staple


Buckets and spade beach days or simply turning the paddling pool into a water park with the hose, chances are their swimwear will be king in their staycation wardrobes. Stash their swim in the same drawer as their everyday basics and treat cossies and boardies as part of their main collection. Kuling’s Algarve croc suit and Molo’s rainbow board shorts come complete with UPF 50+ fabric for extra peace of mind.



6. Mini Rodini White and Blue Game Set Match T-Shirt


Rethink Their PE Kit


Now PE lessons have become a little more off-the-cuff (go team mum and dad!) it’s time to supercharge their sports kit. Traditional gear isn’t always necessary for at-home exercise, give Tommy Hilfiger’s block colour shorts and Mini Rodini’s tennis-inspired sports tee a whirl instead.



7. Molo Multi Tie Dye Roxo T-Shirt | 8. Molo Rainbow Boards Neal Swim Shorts


Dress Sun Smart


Oversized tees will not only nod to 90’s nostalgia (Molo cuts them roomy with Miami bright tie dye finishes) but offer extra coverage on scorching days. While the season’s must have Calvin Klein Jeans bucket hat (above)  keeps rays off delicate noses and cheeks, perfect for pottering about the mud kitchen and veg beds inbetween Google classroom. It’s reversible too!



Break With The Pyjamas


As PJs, loungewear and off-duty uniforms merge, now’s the time to think differently about your tot’s nightwear. Break away from go-to pyjama sets and shop smartly with pieces that bridge both AM and PM. Mix and match soft cottons and slouchy jerseys and let them pick out their own – going with their imaginative get-ups and combinations will help them to feel they’ve achieved.



As we continue to celebrate their birthdays minus the parties, try to explain the major lifestyle shifts the best we can, carry on washing their little hands and turn fashioning homemade masks from old t-shirts into a fun activity. As parents, we secretly go to bed hoping they’ll never really remember all of this heartache and uncertainty.

What we do know, is that every parent in lockdown needs a network to lean on so please share how you are all finding new ways of living below. Let’s all share how we are tweaking and reinventing our daily routines with the kids – and take the load off our shoulders just a little.

You can find lots more fashion, baby and parenting over at my blog The Lucy Edit and Instagram @thelucyedit. Stop by and join in the conversation.

Until next time, stay safe and keep smiling.

Lucy x



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