Nozstock Festival’s Enchanted Glade Video

We love summertime and we love playing! As part of our family-friendly festival edit, we were very excited to be invited to Herefordshire to see how much fun the whole family can have at Nozstock, The Hidden Valleys last weekend. This year’s theme was Jurassic Farm: The Land That Noz Forgot. The childrens’ adventure space was located in the Enchanted Glade, and it was very lively with plenty of fun and activities to get stuck into. From children’s theatre to volcano building, caveman painting, costume making and games, our adventurous journey into the Hidden Valleys was beyond magical.

In the foraging and plant workshop, we relived history by foraging just like the cavemen did! The preschool area and mini kiddie library was always filled with laughter as we read dinosaur stories out loud. We also reenacted the sounds that they would have made if they were hungry, sleepy and super happy; all the little boys really loved this game! The super fast bottle warming service kept all the tiny tots happy as the mummies and daddies learned how to hula hoop and went behind the scenes in some Jurassic drama games. The little ones could also join in with the grown ups to watch the music on the main stages with the help of special head phones to keep the noise levels down. Watch our video edit above to see the awesome dinosaurs, tigers and bears we made friends with last weekend. Click on the link below to shop our animal inspired collection.






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