Though it may seem a little hard to believe… plants, with their multifarious features and impressive functions, can actually help to improve our mood and state of mind! It’s just a fact that being around them; taking in their fresh, woody scents, sprinkling them with water and generally giving them lots of love, can trigger responses that rush across billions of neural pathways in the brain to then send back the message that we’re feeling good, at ease and ready to spread the joy.

Read on for more info on how we can benefit from inviting one or two (or a greenhouse full!) plants into our home and garden…








Often plants are used in hospital recovery rooms – not only to brighten the scenery, but to help patients to heal faster; some hospital patients are even given rooms with dreamy garden views they can gaze at all day! Office plants are introduced into the workplace to bring that sense of ‘homeness’ to the working day, and those who have office plants placed on their desks, actually have lower rates of sick leave, as a result! Not to mention that they provide improved indoor air quality which, let’s be honest, beats breathing in stale second-hand air! Other health benefits include the lowering of stress levels, boosts to the immune system, positive moods and far better sleep!









Plants subliminally transmit feelings of exuberance and liveliness, which help to keep the state of mind on a calm and steady track. Surroundings that are rich in wild, untamed foliage – or even pintsized, leafy goodness in the home – help to lift the spirit and bring happiness overall! Our minds are complex and uncompromising so it’s important that we feel stimulated and alive with a setting that brings the energy of the outdoors, inside!

Biophilia is the scientific name that means we feel connected to nature. Whether glorying in the magic that is looking up at the star-scattered sky, or relishing that green land beneath us, stretching way out yonder – it has the power to resonate with us humans in a way that only nature can! And since we tend to spend so much of our lives cooped up indoors, it just makes sense to bridge that biophilic gap with an abundance of green goodness which, in turn, makes for some powerfully soothing effects!

Other health benefits include the lowering of stress levels, boosts to the immune system, positive moods and far better sleep!

Plants help individuals to concentrate and immerse themselves a lot more in the tasks at hand, both at home and in the workplace. The presence of nature promotes the heightening of senses which improves mental cognition and performance, around the clock! Even placing one potted plant on a desk has been shown to increase the ability to focus on things like homework, daily chores, reading time and any other hobbies we like to get lost in from time-to-time!

Living life in a bustling city or in crowded towns where the noise seems inescapable, can often mean that we’re exposed to a number of daily stressors. BUT for many years, plants have been tactically placed outside – either in containers by the windows of tall buildings or dotted across the atmosphere. Their leaves absorb and diffract sound so that we can all enjoy a more peaceful and tranquil habitat!


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