In our house, Easter equals anything that has to do with eggs and chicks and enjoying some slow days off in the company of family. Chocolate eggs, egg hunts, fluffy yellow teddy chicks and an Easter Lunch with all our favourite dishes of course including some kind of egg dish.

One of our favourite activities to do on the days leading up to Easter is to make natural dyed eggs.

It’s easy enough for the kids to participate in the whole process and doesn’t require more than a few different vegetables and spices and of course as many eggs as you want to dye. The only part that might challenge some children is the slowness with which the whole process evolves, but to me this is one of the great learnings that come with this activity. With patience comes fun results.

What we use

Red cabbage,

Tumeric powder,

Beet root,



White wine vinegar



If you don’t get your eggs directly from the farm, start out by washing the eggs well. White eggs are easier to dye but you can use brown too if you prefer.


Now to prepare the dye agent. Clean all vegetables and cut the larger ones out in smaller pieces. As for the avocado, you will only need the peel and the pit, which need to be cleaned and washed before use.

Take one dye agent at the time and put it in a pot together with enough water to cover the entire egg (though hold back on adding the actual egg).


Bring water and dye agent to a boil and add as many eggs as you want to. If you want to eat the eggs, time how long you boil them and when it has reached the required time, pour the dye water over in a little container and carefully place the eggs in the container. It’s important that the container is big enough for the eggs to be completely covered with water. Place the containers with dye water and eggs in the fridge.


Now comes the waiting part. We normally leave all eggs in the dye water over night, except for eggs we dye with turmeric powder. When your eggs have reached the color you wish, carefully remove the egg from the water and leave it to dry on a piece of tissue paper. I use a spoon and avoid touching the egg with my fingers. Should you want a deeper colour, try adding a spoonful of white vinegar to your dye water. When the eggs are dry, use them for an Easter display or eat them at a festive Easter lunch.


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