Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely readers!

We hope that you are feeling happy, loved and appreciated because you truly are warriors and you inspire us every day. Today we highlight some of the incredible Influencers we’ve had the honour of interviewing, as they share what they love most about motherhood.
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Kat Lebrasse

Mother to Poppy

“What I love most about being a mother is vicariously seeing the world through new, fresh eyes all over again. Watching Poppy experience things for the first time, with curiosity, wonder, excitement and awe gives me unparalleled happiness. I feel as though my heart is constantly bursting with love.”



Aisling Hamill

Mother to Alannah, Amelia and Nathan

“It’s the biggest adventure I’m likely to take, with lots of twists and turns, ups and downs. But ultimately, I feel motherhood is a gift. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realised the extent of the insanely, deep love we have for our little people. Oh, and being ok with the fact that they come first, even when I try to put myself first, they still come first. It’s just how it is.”


Ashley Chea

Mother to Amirahlee and Azarahlee


“For me, it has to be watching my children excel and reach new milestones. You have a constant fear and worry as a parent about whether you are raising your children correctly or not.  When I see my child make good choices, push herself academically and athletically I am overwhelmed with joy. When she exercises self-love and is kind to others I am overwhelmed with joy. I just want my children to be good people on this planet and every moment they act like they have home training is a win for me.”



Kathrine Houe Maric

Mother to Evelyn, Alma and Eleanor

“For me, it really is all about the small moments. When my 4-year-old runs into the room just to tell me she loves me, or my 7-year-old takes my hand on the street. To feel that someone else loves you despite your mistakes and to see those tiny babies you gave birth to, grow into independent little humans.”


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Happy Mother’s Day!
Lots of love,
Alex and Alexa

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