Mother’s Day Craft : Spring Printed Wrapping Paper

Mother's Day Craft

This weekend we’re celebrating our amazing mums! Mother’s Day is on Sunday March 6th and we’ve got a cute craft for little ones (dads you might need to art-direct this one!). Get out into the garden, pick some spring leaves and use them to print paper for this beautifully wrapped bouquet. Follow our easy instructions below…


Tracing paper | Colourful paint | A palette | A Brush | Ribbon | Scissors | Leaves | Flowers (choose your favourites from the garden!)


Mix different colours until you find your favourite, (we mixed blue and red because we love purple!) adding white to play with different shades. Use the brush to spread the paint on the flat side of a leaf. Carefully place the leaf on top of the tracing paper — it could be any nice paper that you have at home. After pressing the painted leaf for a few seconds (blotting with kitchen paper really helps), lift it carefully. Repeat this as many times as you like. Once the paper is dry you can wrap the flowers. Don’t forget to use a piece of ribbon or string to make a little bow!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Craft

Mother's Day Craft

Mother's Day Craft

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