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My name is Ashley Sirah Nicole Chea and I have 7 brothers and 4 sisters. I always like to mention that my father and stepmother had 8 kids and my mom had 4. I am originally from Columbus Ohio, that’s where my husband and I met and started our family. We moved to southern California 3 years ago when he got offered a new position. I use to be a ballet dancer and taught dance in a Brooklyn public school until I got pregnant with my first daughter, Amirah. I am currently working on my second children’s book and a prompted journal for mothers. My husband’s name is Bryan but he goes by Chea. Our daughters are Amirahlee who is 8 and Azarahlee who is 11 months old. My husband works with musical artist and I am a writer and overall creative. We live with the motto “Create, Love, Empower”. I always say I am an overall creative as there are many things I wish to do with my life. We live our lives very minimalistic and want to eventually move into a tiny house. I was raised vegan/vegetarian and converted my husband through my amazing meals before we had children. Health and wellness are extremely important to me because I have an autoimmune disease. I truly believe that you can heal your body through good food from the earth. My prayer is that our family encourages people to live their own truth’s and that they learn to become more connected with themselves and the earth.

What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

It means the ability to recreate and manifest a better version of oneself. Not only through your children’s actions but from your own. When you become a mother you are starting from scratch. Your child does not know your former self, you get to show them the greatest form of self-love. Motherhood has been a journey for me, spiritually and physically. I’ve been able to tap into my deepest most honourable self and show that to my children as an example. I am constantly growing and moving towards being my best self and always learning from yesterday’s mistakes. Motherhood to me is the highest form of love next to God.

How Did You Feel The First Time You Found Out You Were Going To Be A Mother?

I was 23 years old and living in NY. My older sister who was my best friend had just passed away the previous year. I was in weird happy yet sad place in my life. I was living out my dream of being a ballet dancer and teaching dance at a school. Yet I was mourning the loss of someone I spoke to every single day of my life prior to her passing. I remember buying a pregnancy test from the dollar store and seeing the positive sign. I went straight to work, called my best friend and told her before I told my boyfriend lol. I felt scared, amazed ( I was told when I was 16 I wouldn’t have children), blessed, overwhelmed and completely aware of this amazing blessing coming into my life.

How Has Motherhood Changed You?

Motherhood has made me more confident as a woman and more self-aware as a human being. I’ve learned to let things go, honour my words and to be a living example. I use to really be overwhelmed with everyone else and their lives and emotions. I was always the friend that everyone called with their problems. I never really took care of my own feelings and needs. Ironically becoming a mother taught me to be more selfish with my time and space. I have been able to really focus on what’s important and to let go of negative energy that doesn’t help make me a better person which in turn makes me a better mother.



We have so much power as
parents and we can really
create beautiful humans that
can make a positive difference
in this world.

Is There Anything About Motherhood That Has Surprised You?

I’ve been surprised how much everything that I thought mattered really doesn’t matter to me anymore. When you are in charge of a human being and you have the ability to show them all forms of love, you don’t really focus on petty things. I use to be a huge sneakerhead and cared so much about clothes. When I became a mother I stopped focusing on collecting shoes and started focusing on saving my money and building generational wealth for my family.

How Do You Juggle Everything & Make Time For Yourself?

With the help of my husband, we are constantly juggling both of our lives. Now that we have two children it’s even harder. I am forever grateful that I have a spouse who cares about my well-being as much as his own. I’m sure I could do it without him, but I never want to experience that.

What Has Been The Best Thing About Being A Mother?

For me, it has to be watching my children excel and reach new milestones. You have a constant fear and worry as a parent about whether you are raising your children correctly or not.  When I see my child make good choices, push herself academically and athletically I am overwhelmed with joy. When she exercises self-love and is kind to others I am overwhelmed with joy. I just want my children to be good people on this planet and every moment they act like they have home training is a win for me.




Take a deep breath and
realize that you are doing
the best you can, and when
you aren’t, do better.


What Is The One Thing You Want To Teach Your Children?

To be the kind of people that leave this world better than when they found it. I want them to have so much self-love that they are able to love and honour others and the environment. I want them to take care of their bodies and continue to teach their children the same. Self-love to me is the ultimate gift, by loving your whole self you are able to love others.

And Finally, What Advice Would You Give To New Mothers?

Always honour your intuition and heart. Have a vision for your family and really be intentional with what you introduce into your children’s psyche. We have so much power as parents and we can really create beautiful humans that can make a positive difference in this world. Become a better version of yourself and be honest with your children when they ask you a question. Stay connected to your youthful side but be consistent and honour your word when you discipline. Always come from a place of love and never be ashamed to admit to your children when you are wrong. Take a deep breath and realize that you are doing the best you can, and when you aren’t, do better.

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