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Kristin is a stay at home mum with a background in Interior Design and the restaurant industry. She attributes her love for family and food to her Italian heritage. She has been married to her husband for 7 years, and together they have a son, Geronimo, who is 2-years-old and a daughter, Penelope, who is 6-months-old. Kristin shares their daily lives through her Instagram account. Read our interview with her below.

What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

I have wanted to be a mother since before I could remember. So, it really is a dream come true. When I think of what Motherhood means, several words come to mind: Unconditional Love, Patience and Selflessness. It also means making the best of every situation you are in. Life can throw you some curve balls and being a mom on top of that means not taking your life too serious and learning to laugh when things go haywire…because it will!

How Did You Feel The First Time You Found Out You Were Going To Be A Mother?

I was excited! I had been married to my husband for 5 years and we had always agreed the ultimate act of love would be to create a beautiful human being together. However, once everything got more real, I was scared! This was something I had never done before and knew that it would be life changing!

Motherhood has changed me for the better! It has given me a self-confidence and an inner strength that I did not know I had.

How Has Motherhood Changed You?

Motherhood has changed me for the better! It has given me a self-confidence and an inner strength that I did not know I had. When life gives you no other option than to be strong, you grow from within during those moments. Motherhood has given me the confidence to do anything I put my mind to after giving birth to my 2 children!

Any Challenges?

Balance! With my previous jobs, they were the typical 9am-5pm punch-in and punch-out. When you become a Mom it is 24/7/365! This can be extremely demanding, so finding a balance and feeling the slightest bit of harmony is a daily challenge. It has led me to adjust my perspective on what is important and necessary.

Is There Anything About Motherhood That Has Surprised You?

How much fun you get to have! I left my job once I found out I was pregnant with my second child and I realized that it wasn’t as much fun putting my adult face on all day. I love being goofy with my little ones! Also, if we want to hang out in our Pajamas all day… That is A-Okay! It has allowed me to not take life so seriously.

How Do You Juggle Everything And Make Time For Yourself?

Motherhood is a true juggle! Generally, I have a list of things that need to be done during the week, and then 2-3 small things that I want/need to do in order to feel like I have had some ME time (taking a bubble bath, meeting with a friend, etc…) I have found that weekly accomplishments are more realistic than having an everyday expectation. Personally, having too high of expectations can lead me to feel like a failure. In order for me to avoid feeling this way, I know that some days, productivity is just not in the picture.

Most Memorable Moment You’ve Had So Far Being A Mother?

The most memorable moments I have had being a Mom is seeing all of the firsts. The process is so exciting for me and watch them come full circle is so gratifying. The word Mama is still my favorite word ever! I am still experiencing firsts with Geronimo and it just keeps getting better!




There is no ‘perfect’ way to raise your children. At the end of the day just let
them feel loved and accepted!

What Is The One Thing You Want To Teach Your Children?

Integrity. This is one thing our world could use more of. My husband and I try our best to display and instill this daily with our children.

And Finally, What Advice Would You Give To New Mothers?

There is no ‘perfect’ way to raise your children. At the end of the day just let them feel loved and accepted! Remember to take time to show love to yourself and your significant other. Know that one stage doesn’t last too long, so try and embrace motherhood and the struggles and joys it brings!


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