Dikla Goren

Dikla Goren is an Israeli mother to three beautiful children; Yuli (6), Ori (3) and Romi (8 m)  and founder of blog Girl Plus Two. She started the blog when she moved to New York and found that the city rekindled her deep love for fashion. The blog has since evolved into a bigger platform, a place to share her love for motherhood and lifestyle along with fashion, she loves that there are so many amazing mama’s out there that she gets to connect with.
Read our interview with her below.

What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

To me, motherhood is putting your kid’s needs and happiness before your own. Sometimes that means losing a lot of sleep at night for them or waking up extra early to make them breakfast.

How Has Motherhood Changed You?

Motherhood has changed me in so many ways. There’s no better multitasker than a mother of three!

Any Challenges?

Definitely finding a balance between kids and working on the blog – and making time for work while Romi is napping. We’re also away from our family (they’re still in Israel) so Noam and I do everything ourselves.

Dikla Goren

Is There Anything About Motherhood That Has Surprised You?

I’m still surprised how I can function on just an hour of sleep sometimes! And how much less “me time” you have. That’s something I always appreciate now.

How Do You Juggle Everything & Make Time For Yourself?

I always make time for myself after all the kids are asleep. I love a cup of coffee at night- and it’s the first time in the day I can enjoy it while it’s still hot. I also love baths and hopping in a Pilates class whenever I have the time.

I absolutely love
seeing the kids

What Has Been The Best Thing About Being A Mother?

I absolutely love seeing the kids play! I’m so jealous because I always wanted that growing up, so it really makes me happy when I see them all together.

Dikla Goren

Dikla Goren

What Is The One Thing You Want To Teach Your Children?

The kids really changed me and taught me to be more flexible and that it’s okay for plans to change throughout the day. I really want to teach my kids to be flexible and open minded as well!

And Finally, What Advice Would You Give To New Mothers?

Try to rest any opportunity you get! When you are a new mother, friends and family will offer to help you out, so don’t be afraid to say yes! It’s really important to get your rest so you can be the best mother.



Dikla Goren

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