So far, the kids have got their busy little minds and bodies stuck into a great many interesting and inspiring tasks; they’ve explored the world of D.I.Y and arts & crafts, they’ve embarked on back garden treasure hunts, they’ve danced off their tantrums. They’ve even worked out with Joe Wicks and meditated via the Cosmic Yoga channel. It seems as though you’ve covered just about everything when it comes to keeping them entertained (and yourselves somewhat sane!) for long periods at a time, but there’s one glaringly obvious past time you may not have tried just yet… MUSIC!





Music is remedial, it’s mood lifting and quite frankly one of life’s absolute essentials and a basic human need. Music is the answer… to whatever they’re feeling right now, be it pent up with a flurry of frustration, inquisitive and in the mood to learn, exhausted after a long day of fun, or simply positive and raring to throw some shapes!



Listening to and playing music can provide the perfect tonic for getting yourselves and your little ones into an immediately better headspace! It’s becoming more and more apparent, though, that music is not only powerful for its mood boosting abilities; according to research, it actually has a profound effect on your body and psyche, as well!




You may have heard of a growing field in healthcare called Music Therapy, which harnesses the power of music for healing purposes. Hospitals are currently exploring its meditative faculties to help with pain management, warding off the blues, promoting movement for patients that are struggling and to calm and easy muscle tension when they need it.



  • Listening to and playing music reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress
  • It improves healing
  • It can help to manage a number of diseases with great results
  • Music can take away those down days and chase away the blues
  • It helps to reduce symptoms of psychological disorders in people
  • Music has the ability to improve self-expression and communication






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