When life gets busy (which happens lots of the time for many of us!), or perhaps a little tough, it’s a great idea, if you can, to find time and space for some quiet moments to relax and reflect – with the kids too!

With this in mind, we’ve asked for inspiration from the incredible Gemma David, founder of The Quiet Heart and a Chinese Medicine practitioner, mental health trainer and facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher and speaker.

Gemma has produced a number of unique kids’ meditations especially for Alex and Alexa, to help in specific situations.

This meditation has been designed for you to share with your child in the mornings,  to help them start the day in a positive frame of mind and get ready to go, go go!


Access it on your phone or whichever device you use, and read it aloud – or simply have it to hand as a guide to help you enjoy some relaxing moments together.


Hopefully you’ll find that, in time, it becomes part of your everyday routine. Make sure you read it slowly and allow for your child to absorb your words – perhaps you’d even like to join in with them to help them with some of the movements.


Please note, if your child is suffering with prolonged anxiety, please seek the help of a professional.

Morning meditation

Good morning, special one, and welcome to a brand new day! We are going to get ready to welcome the energy of this day and bring some words into our heart to help us feel good whenever we need it.

Wherever you are, make sure that you are really comfortable and then close your eyes if you like.

Now, let’s take some bigger breaths together: a big, slow breath in, then a soft, gentle breath out. Again, a big slow breath in, then a soft, gentle breath out. One more: a big, slow breath in, then a soft, gentle breath out. Lovely.

Let’s place both hands together on your heart, however feels comfortable, and then let’s repeat these words together – you can say them out loud or in your head, whichever you like:

I am loved… I am safe… I feel good… I am kind… I am loving… I am calm… I am helpful… I can do hard things… I am loved – (repeat as many times as you wish).

Now, feel the warmth of your hands on your heart and give yourself a big smile. Then, if it feels right, give yourself a big hug, and say out loud or in your head: “Today will be a good day because I am here on the earth and I am loved.”

Take a big breath in, and then out. Maybe having a stretch and a yawn… have a wonderful day!

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