As the saying goes – we’re all on the same boat. And though our boats tend to vary a little in shapes, sizes… and scales of chaos – some ok, some bad, some about to spill over and some seemingly sinking! – It’s safe to say that we’re all riding this unfamiliar wave of self-isolation together.

So what has the supermamahood been up to while our former lives have been placed on hold?

Read on for some inspo on how to shake things up at home for the little ones – from makeshift forts to beadwork and baking, wave goodbye to another week of boredom, mamas!







  • Window cleaning gets them outdoors in the fresh air and doing something that might actually help in getting that list of chores down, too!
  • Empty the recycling bin and let them get creative with scissors and glue; the list of imaginative things they can do with just these two tools is endless!
  • They can always have a little tidy of their plastic crockery draw – get them to sort all their plates, bowls, cups etc into colours and categories – fill a bowl of water and get them to clean their (waterproof) toys, too!
  • Freeze their toys into water and then give them a rolling pin to smash them out with. So easy and keeps them entertained for ages.
  • Grab some salt dough from your nearest big supermarket (or order online), it costs a couple of quid but is totally worth it. It’s basically made up of flour, salt and water which they can get really crafty with, making all sorts of interesting shapes and objects!
  • Give them some chalk to draw on patios and fences with and then, at the end of the day, a squirty bottle to wipe clean!
  • ALWAYS host a kitchen disco. It’s great fun and will have the whole family laughing.


We’re making a rainbow path for the kids by coloruring the bricks in our drive with chalk!


The Aquabeads pack is a no-brainer for when they’re really twiddling their thumbs and looking for something to do! It is an ironing set, designed for ages 6 years and up but it takes forever to fill in when you are three, so keeps her busy for a good 2 hours!


We’ve been taking all this time of slowing down and staying home to create and inspire our girls’ imagination. We’ve been big fans of egg carton crafts and using up cardboard from packages we’ve received. We’ve been reading about butterflies & flowers and started talking about springtime, and all the new growth this season brings. We’ve made fairy houses, binoculars, and little egg carton mushrooms to put in the garden, and have enjoyed pushing through the urge to be busy and just be present. All we ever want is more time and here we are, being given this odd opportunity to get down on their level and play. When the crafts are done or there’s a lull in the day we’ve been enjoying youtube ballet and coloring “hugs” to send to grandparents.










All we ever want is more time and here we are, being given this odd opportunity to get down on their level and play.



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