Kit Bhatti is a family photographer living in London with her two children, Rocco and Roma (find Kit on Instagram).

Here, she shares her tips on how to do a day out in the Capital: where to go, what to wear, what to take and more (dogs, like Rufus here, are optional!)! Read on…


After over a year of not visiting London when we live so close by, the kids were raring to hit the big smoke! We all love the Southbank, so this is where we headed and of course, we took the dog with us!

A day out in London involves a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are a must! Luckily there are so many things to look at along the Southbank that they soon forget how long they’ve been walking! Waterproofs and layers that can easily be stashed away are always a good idea too.

When in London, be a tourist! We’ve always loved the iconic Tower Bridge, so on our first trip back into central, this had to be our first stop! It’s a great place to start your walk and a great space for the kids to have a run around and use up some energy!

We happened upon some great artworks along our walk which were a great opportunity to stop, take a break and view the creativity!


No trip into London is complete without a culinary experience! We headed into Borough Market where we were inundated for choice! We’ve always found that food markets are a great way to tempt kids into trying new foods and of course purchase the obligatory treats!

Snacks, snacks and more snacks!! If your kids are anything like mine, there are constant requests for snacks whenever a little walking is involved. Sanitiser is also a must have especially if your little ones love clambering up and touching everything in sight.

Masks are not compulsory but a great idea as it can get busy so it’s good to have the option in case you start to feel uncomfortable. Don’t forget water!

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