International Women's Day


Every day is women’s day here at Alex and Alexa HQ but this time we can really bellow from the rooftops just how much of a big deal we are because today is March 8th – International Women’s Day!

Stop what you’re doing right now and take a brief moment to give yourself a little squeeze or a gentle pat on the back for being one of three and a half billion (give or take) incredible females to grace this planet!

Whether you’re a multitasking wizard with seven kidlings to keep track of, or a solitary lone wolf mulling over the intricacies of motherhood, you should know that you are valued. That you matter. That you are powerful <3

So what makes a great female and where does this strong sense of self and empowerment stem from?

It starts with our little girls, of course! 

Our daughters come with a clear canvas, brimming with opportunity, hope and limitless freedom. A place that we, as mothers, can build upon, granting them a little guidance and nurturing along the way. So to mark the special occasion, here’s a message from us to you…

High-five to all the supermums across the globe raising powerful girls who are happy, secure and ready to take on the world…


The A&A Team X

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