Send them on their merry way to a back garden jungle, stacked with crafty treasures or improvise indoors with dress up doodling and nook & cranny finds to create inventive, artsy magic with!

As we journey deeper into an anomalous period of ‘Stay at Home’ survival, it makes sense to keep things fresh and new for the little ones. Up next is another series of easy-to-do activities, designed to keep them busy and engaged all day long…



Activity Sheet 1

The Great Garden Escape

How To:

Head out back to find the objects listed on the sheet – some maybe easy to track down… others surprisingly not! Once you’ve collected all your items, stick ’em to the sheet and voila! A makeshift wall garden to admire as you slip off to sleep, longing for another day of gallivanting!


Activity Sheet 2

Design an Outfit


How To:

Empty those colouring tins and find your inner fashion designer! Download and print the sheet to create the perfect ensemble for these little people! Go crazy colourful with neon hues and dreamy pastels or opt for neutral with chic, on-trend shapes and clever little details… The stage is yours, kiddos!


Activity Sheet 3

House Hunt

How To:

Set yourself the mission of finding the random objects featured on the sheet… Sound easy? Nope! First, mum or dad have to hide each of the items in all kinds of top secret places you may never, ever uncover… no matter how hard you try! Up for the challenge? On your marks. Get set. Go!

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