If there’s one notable label that stands out as personifying both French elegance and effortless style, Lacoste has certainly earned the title of frontrunner!

Professional tennis player and the brand’s founder, René Lacoste was nicknamed ‘the Crocodile’ because of his tenacious strategies on the court. And just like that, the iconic embroidered badge was born, serving to elevate the brand’s distinct identity and recipe for longstanding success.
The famed, failsafe polo was debuted at the US Open Championship way back in 1926, bringing with it a refreshing sense of blended classic and contemporary refinement which to this day, runs strong in the label’s DNA.



Red Ribbed Collar Pique Polo with White Taping

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The brand’s style was said to have been ‘defined’ once the polo hit the rails, and therefore sparked a clothing revolution with its key function intended to “adapt to the situation or circumstances”. Well it does exactly that! And thanks to it’s new and evolving variations of the original canvas, there’s always a little something for every mood and occasion.





From breezy dresses with subtle stripe embellishment to playful animal prints upon a soft and stretchy jersey, though the polo is ever changing, its manufacturing methods have stayed exactly the same – it’s luxury cotton yarn is used with a particular technique that no one can imitate; whether machine-sewn, or hand-embroidered, the number of stitches required for each crocodile logo is around 1600!



Navy Multi Striped Ribbed Collar Pique Polo

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So Lacoste is all about authenticity and quality. Never failing to bring a sophisticated minimalism to the table, the French brand and tennis legend’s essence and spirit is interwoven into every detail.



Red Crocodile Novelty Print Jersey Polo

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