Sustainable fashion is on the rise as we become more and more aware of the benefits of ethically produced clothing. But our focus on mindfulness doesn’t stop at how we treat mother nature… From fair trade and organic collections to charity-lead companies, our handpicked line-up of lovingly crafted garments are planting the seed and teaching our little ones the importance of treating their Earthling brothers and sisters with kindness and respect, too 🙂

1. Tobias & the Bear White Team Sushi Leggings | 2. YPORQUÉ White French Fries Jumper | 3. Hugo Loves Tiki Pink Hot Dogs Henley T-Shirt | 4. Mini Rodini Light Blue Banana Sweatpants | 5. Bobo Choses Grey Tangerine Dreams Tank Top | 6. Stella McCartney Kids Orange Carrot Hooded Cape | 7. Tinycottons Blue Candy Floss T-Shirt






Tiny tots that are as stylish as they are ‘in the know’ about eco-friendly threads are growing into nurturing adults, ready to recycle the knowledge passed on to them and ready to reduce the impact that fast fashion is having on planet earth.


So let us rally around and give to the ‘now’ as well as the ‘future’ of our home planet with this mixed bag of versatile designs that not only look good, but do a whole lot of good too!




1. Emma och Malena Cream Pollie Dress | 2. Hust&Claire Light Grey Buster Print Body | 3. Mini Rodini Red Seahorse Peter Pan Collar Dress | 4. MAINIO Harvest Gold Banker Body | 5. Frugi Navy Sid Applique Seagull T-Shirt


Organic cotton is much more environmentally friendly than your average kind because the farmers that produce it steer clear of harmful chemicals and make better use of water which, in turn, keeps the soil happy and hydrated!

1. Hatley Grey Distressed Firetrucks Shirt | 2. Hust&Claire Orange Ask T-Shirt | 3. Stella McCartney Kids Grey Long Sleeved T-Shirt with Barley Car Print | 4. Frugi Reuben Reversible Shorts

Recycled materials are a great way to lessen the load that make it to landfills across the globe… So why not reuse what we already have!? Our carefully curated collection have been reborn from all kinds of materials, like polyester, nylon and discarded bottles, too!


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