International Women’s Day is always something we really look forward to and make a big deal of, here at Alex and Alexa. With so much growing awareness around what it truly means to be female, and the significance of speaking aloud about it, we felt that it was our duty to keep the conversation going. 

It isn’t just about recognising the equality we strive for, or the otherwise muted voice gaining volume by the day, or even the many unprecedented achievements making history by women all over the world; it’s about just merely being comfortable in who we are. And knowing instinctively that being a female is actually a really wonderful thing.

So this year, in celebration of a sea of talented women designers existing around the globe, we thought we’d highlight a handful of inspirational visionaries whose fashion labels never cease to come up trumps in the style stakes and who have undeniably made Alex and Alexa the brand that it is today.



Stella McCartney of Stella McCartney Kids


First up is Stella McCartney, of course. Queen of sustainability and steadfast advocate for ethical fashion production since the launch of her eponymous label in 2001, her children’s clothing offers up an array of beautifully made pieces, all hatched from the label’s glaringly positive undertones and fun-inspired ethos. McCartney’s women’s collections are blazing a trail for forward-thinking fashion lovers across the globe, and the children’s line really is no exception.

Funnily enough, Stella McCartney Kids is the kind of stuff you’d be lucky to find in an adult size. The new collection’s denim boho vibes are aglow with charming embroidered trimming, and her entire medley of colour bursting wonders manages, somehow, to signal the start of summer and all the fun waiting to be had.



This season’s roundup is all about taking some time to breathe Mother Earth in; to absorb the multifaceted beauty she radiates. With playful animal kingdom doodles and 90% eco-friendly materials, these clothes are made to be worn with a purpose. The mini eco spokespeople of today, by wearing her pieces, are urging tomorrow’s leaders to think, to care and to act in light of the ever growing climate concern we continue to be faced with.

Find functionality in activewear in the form of recycled and secondskin, comfy leggings, matching tops & accessories to accompany, and a dynamic truckload of colour blocking galore.


Stella McCartney Kids Pink Sunny Dress


Stella McCartney Kids
Pink Sunny Dress

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Stella McCartney Kids Blue Flower Romper


Stella McCartney Kids
Blue Flower Romper

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Cassandra Rhodin of Mini Rodini





Another absolute hero when it comes to cultivating a new wave of sustainable fashion is our favourite Swedish kidswear creator and founder & creative director of Mini Rodini, Cassandra Rhodin. From day one, Cassandra has set out to reflect the world as it should be seen, and with a mission as bound and determined as hers, we think it’d be tricky for just about anyone to look the other way when tempted with a fast fashion purchase; a quick fix causing potential long-term harm. As a brand, Mini Rodini is getting the work done and like Cassandra says, “We as consumers need to be more aware” remarking on the partnership between seller and consumer.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection is inspired by the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the animals that live with the mountain as a backdrop, and the amazing flora surrounding it. And what better way to prepare for a season of boundless fun than with the colour popping energy that runs through the entire collection. Check out our favourite kooky zebra doodles upon relaxed cuts, easy-fitting sweats, floaty jersey dresses and accessories made to sweeten up the whole look!


Mini Rodini Off-White Lizard Patch Striped Baseball Cap


Mini Rodini
Off-White Lizard Patch Striped Baseball Cap

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Sonia & Nathalie Rykiel of Sonia Rykiel Kids



Sonia Rykiel: ultimate style virtuoso who knows exactly how to create the perfect concoction of striking colour palettes, timeless cuts & finishes, and quality in comfort beyond measure. We absolutely adore the Sonia Rykiel kids collections here at A&A, and her name has undoubtedly earned its place in the game, having illuminated the fashion sphere since the late 1960s’.

The original creator of the ‘Poor Boy Sweater’ (think Audrey Hepburn in nautical stripes, peg legs and pumps!), Rykiel became an instant hit setting trends across the globe and was penned the ‘Queen of Knits’ before continuing to break ground with bursts of vibrant colours in the form of chunky stripes, slim fitting knits and the designer’s iconic backward stitch. In 1983, Sonia’s daughter, Nathalie Rykiel helped to expand the brand into kidswear and the rest, as they say, is history.

This season’s offering mixes casual boxy fits with delicate silhouettes, go-to gingham and wide-cut legs, all served up with a modern twist. We are big fans of the brand’s soft pastel denim pieces and, of course, the loud branding that makes Sonia Rykiel the label it’s known and loved for all over.

Sonia Rykiel Purple Mahalia Jeans


Sonia Rykiel
Purple Mahalia Jeans

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Sonia Rykiel Pink Mathilde Dress


Sonia Rykiel
Pink Mathilde Dress

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Faye Wilde of Beau Loves






And time, now, for some quirky British charm from Faye Wilde of Beau Loves. Named after her eldest son, this this undeniably cool yet playful brand pays homage to an independent, alternative kind of style we’ve all fallen hard for, here at Alex and Alexa.

Fearless, fun-loving little Beau was the true inspiration behind the success story that is Beau Loves, and his personality is stamped over every inch of the collection. Starting up a childrenswear label was never in the plan for Faye but how glad we are that she did! This brand is all about the seriously bold prints and evocatively childlike motifs scattered across easy-going jersey staples and summertime favourites the kids will want to twirl their way into next year with.

Beau Loves’ distinctive gender neutral aesthetic celebrates the magic of young imaginations with exuberant designs made to stand the test of time. Each crafted with love in the UK and Portugal, these charmingly eccentric pieces are bursting with the creativity and personality every tiny wardrobe is calling out for.


Beau Loves White Hearts And Masks Dress


Beau Loves
White Hearts and Mask Dress

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Beau Loves Beige Wiggle Print Trousers


Beau Loves
Beige Wiggle Print Trousers

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Marlene Anine Holmboe of MarMar Copenhagen



Marlene Anine Holmboe of MarMar Copenhagen is a wife and mother to one son, twin girls and her darling dog; she has raised and nurtured the picture perfect family which is no easy feat, we think you’ll agree! But it doesn’t stop there because she is also the founder of MarMar Copenhagen. This wonderfully refined label entered the kids’ fashion realm back in 2007 when consciousness around – and general acknowledgement of – sustainable clothing production was still relatively scarce. Good thing, then, that the beautifully made OEKO-TEX certified textiles the brand is known and loved for, made their way to her workshop as a means to setting off on a journey that would make honest and thoughtfully made childrens garments accessible to little families around Denmark and beyond.

With an additional emphasis on manufacturing collections locally in an effort to limiting environmental harm, this dependable brand also stands for keeping things sophisticated and cool – and they do so with such ease! It’s understated design that’s easy for active little ones to step into and feels luxurious and special all at the same time; The brand’s quietly chic baby bodies, knitwear and leggings are all made with love to last and last. See for yourselves!


MarMar Copenhagen Pink Rose Peony Tulette Blouse

MarMar Copenhagen
Pink Rose Peony Tulette Blouse

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MarMar Copenhagen Rose Peony Jola Gilet


MarMar Copenhagen
Rose Peony Jola Gilet

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