Attention, Little Women! This one’s for you…

A very special day taking place every year on the 8th March, International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s achievements all over the world. A national holiday for some nations, IWD is becoming more and more prominent as we find our own voices and ‘choose to challenge’ when injustice is rearing its not so pretty head; this, now global, event is supported by an array of notable charities and renowned businesses, alike…



Many people are still under the impression that women are given an equal amount of opportunity as men, in this present day; there are women astronauts, women prime ministers and women leaders running big, powerful businesses. But as promising and exciting as this is, we do still have a very long way to go! It’s important that women are heard in all facets of life! Progress is certainly being made but we want to ensure that big changes keep on happening… and fast!

An essential takeaway for all females around the world is to “think globally” and speak up where you can; we want to live among a gender-equal society where opportunity and freedom isn’t hindered by which box we tick, but rather who we are! And YOU, little ladies, can absolutely make a difference in this world and a huge, life-changing impact as you grow into young women!



Mums and daughters: Can you imagine a future where International Women’s Day wasn’t even a thing? A distant memory, a mere moment in history because its very existence helped to steer posterity toward a more compassionate way of living!? Something to think about…


Happy International Women’s Day, everybody!


The AlexandAlexa Team X


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