International Friendship Day is upon us, and the team at Alex and Alexa wanted to focus on one special friendship in particular… Siblings!




The relationship between siblings can be a complex, kind of love-hate one. When we were young, we could go from boiling anger to uncontrollable laughter in a split second! We’d be dressed head-to-toe in matching colours and cause mischief beyond measure whenever together.

This month, we caught up with Shanlynne Silvestre of playfulmodernkids, who revealed all on what she loves most about being mama to cheeky little Adonay & Adonis, and why she chose to have children close together in age…



Hi Shanlynne! Adonay and Adonis are close in age, are they friends right now? Or enemies!? Tell us a little bit about the boys’ relationship…

Adonay and Adonis’ relationship isn’t perfect but thats how brotherhood is! They are about 2 years apart, but age doesn’t come between them. Some days they are head to head but most of the time it’s all love! In fact, there are times when they team up and create complete chaos in our home! Adonay and Adonis are partners in crime, they love being little rebels.


Do you think you would have liked, when you were young, what Adonay and Adonis have now?

Unfortunately I didn’t have any siblings… I was a total loner during my childhood and I always dreamt of having a brother or sister! I love my boys’ relationship. I love being able to watch them just have each other. The best part is that I get to be a part of their brotherhood. I love seeing them wake up in the morning looking for each other. I’m super grateful that I was fortunate enough to give them what I couldn’t have when I was younger.

Has there ever been any competition between your boys? If so, how have you dealt with it?

Oh there is always competition! But we teach the boys how important it is for them both to be equal, even when it comes to presents on birthdays .. I always make sure they both get a gift so nobody feels jealous or feels left out. I think that competition between the two will always happen and though we try not to encourage it, sometimes in life it can be a healthy thing, particularly as they grow older.


Who is the ringleader?

It really all depends on the day… On a Monday Adonay will call all the shots, and on the Tuesday, it’ll be Adonis. I cannot lie, Adonis absolutely loves being the boss of everything but Adonay will never let that happen!

It feels amazing to be the one raising these extra special little humans!

How do their personalities differ? Or are they fairly similar in character?

Both my boys have such distinct personalities. Adonay is the artist. He is creative, independent, talkative and ALL about the animals! Adonis is shy, very funny and likes to be hands on, especially with building. He’s a complete mama’s boy and is incredibly sensitive, too. I love being able to see how different but also very similar they both are. It feels amazing to be the one raising these extra special little humans!


What are their favourite activities to get involved with as a team?

We love to travel and explore as a family, but we do all this on a tight budget! I love that we don’t need much at all to keep us happy and content though; it sort of adds a little extra excitement to the mix! My boys absolutely love anything to do with learning about animals or museums. We always try our best to take them on adventures.


Does Adonis admire and look up to his older brother?

Always. He wants to be just like his big brother! He loves being able to match with him, and if Adonay likes something… Adonis will, of course, like it as well!


Grow two extra arms because multitasking will be a new skill required for just about everything!


What would you say is the best thing about having children close together in age?

The main reason for having Adonis was to keep Adonay from feeling lonely. I obviously knew how isolating it could feel not to have a sibling to grow up and experience things with so it was important for me to carve a different life for him. At first it was extremely hard for Adonay to adjust but now they do everything together; they learn from each other everyday. Sometimes people even ask if they are twins!


Do you have any summer vacations planned with your little ones?

Most of our trips are spontaneous, actually! We never really plan our trips but I do hope we can make so many more memories this summer! We’ve just recently come back from a lovely getaway upstate New York. We had the ultimate camping adventure staying in a cabin at the COOK House. Adonay and Adonis love camping and smores so I would love to try to make this happen more 🙂


Do they enjoy being dressed in similar outfits or do their individual quirks shine through when it comes to styling them?

They really LOVE to match! One tends to enjoy accessorising with matching styles a tad more than the other (cough cough Adonis) but they usually end up in the same colors rather than styles, because if not, I’ll have everyone ask me if they’re twins haha!


What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Our favorite thing is literally just being able to spend time together! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or exotic … Just all of us in one place making the most of the time we have. But exploring new things, no matter what they are, is always a really fun way to all be together.


And finally, what advice would you give to parents who are thinking about having a second child?

The best advice I can think of is to make sure that you’re financially prepared. If you’re not, then it’ll still be OK and you will get through it but I was 19 years old when I had Adonay and that was extremely hard. It’s still difficult at times but I will say that those struggles did help us to grow tighter as a family. If you can… Grow two extra arms because multitasking will be a new skill required for just about everything!

I remember the day I had both my boys for the first time alone. I definitely cried for the first week! It gets easier the more they grow but it’s literally a juggling act that you will never quite understand the intensity of until you do it yourself!


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