In The News: Fancy a Juicy Buy before You Fly, Juicy Couture Opens Airport Shop



Just in case you need a last minute addition to your Juicy wardrobe, Juicy Couture has opened a series of Juicy stores

in airports around the world.


The first shop is to open in December in Miami International Airport, with subsequent locations set to open in the

next few months at New York’s JFK Airport and Taiwan’s Tao Yuan International Airport.


The spaces will range from small sidewalk sized shops to full-fledged stores and will carry women’s apparel,

accessories and kids products as well as gifts and luxury impulse items.


Some of the same items that will be sold in the airport shops are also sold on, so if you are not much

of an airport shopaholic, or you don’t plan on being in Miami, New York or Taiwan in the next few months, you can buy

all the Juicy Couture kids items you want from the comfort of your own home (without the worry of overweight baggage!)


Here are some looks to get you started:

Juicy Couture: Navy Court Shoes, £49.993508-0

Juicy Couture: Striped Mini Dress With Matching Knickers, £74.993511-0

Juicy Couture: Yummy Muffin Bib Set, £39.992951-0

Juicy Couture: ‘I love Juicy’ Navy Tee, £39.992940-0

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