In The News: D&G Honoured with Ambrogina D’oro

Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are set to receive the Ambrogino D’oro, the most

prestigious prize awarded by the city of Milan to prominent citizens for their contribution to humanitarian

and social causes.


The award, which has been given out for the past 45 years, gets its name from Saint Ambrogio, Milan’s patron

saint, who is celebrated on the same day the award is given.


“We are extremely honoured and excited to receive this award,” Gabbana told WWD. “Milan is not only our city and

where our home is, but also the place that allowed us to make our dream come true. Milan has given us a lot and we

cannot be but happy that our work contributed to its well-being.”


The designers have been expanding their brand over the past few years, amongst their newer additions is their

D&G Junior line which is sold on and includes some fantastic items for any mini fashionista,

including the most talked about childrens holiday dresses this year:


 The D&G Junior Cream Silk ‘Special Occasion’  Dress, priced at £850.00



The D&G Junior‘Renaissance’ Silk Dress, priced at £541.50.


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