In The News: Burberry Joins the Online World of Social Media



Burberry has earned its worldwide reputation through years by producing beautiful products and carefully sticking to

their classic looks.


But that classic look must keep up with contemporary trends, and so, Burberry has launched


Set apart from the site, the new blog is dedicated to Burberry’s most widely loved and most recognized

piece, the trench coat.


Users can submit photos of themselves in their Burberry trench coats which the site moderator can choose to run on

the website.


They have partnered famous street-style photographer Scott Schuman to capture photos from the people on

the street in their trench coats as well as fashion photographers to bring new looks to the table.


The site includes a history of the trench, dating back to the 1910s as well as links to facebook, twitter and

easy signup to the Burberry newsletter.


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