Travel buff, lover of natural living and Texas born beauty, Sena Nelson is mother to Ellie 5, Evie 3, Herschel 2 and Thatcher 6 months.

Together with her husband, the family recently relocated to England after seven blissful years in Hawaii. They are currently rushed off their feet raising a full house! Now, being at 4 lively critters’ beck and call everyday probably uses up a fair bit of energy! Those daily chores can forget about even nearing the top of that dreaded list of to-dos. But it’s all worth it, says Sena, because that priceless time with her brood is undeniably evanescent. Take it from an experienced mother of four – these precious moments are fleeting. “Let’s all live in the now…”

“Your hands look full!” It’s a phrase I often hear when I’m out and about with all four of my children. The truth is, my hands are full! We had four babies in five years and needless to say… the days are extremely busy and are over in what seems like a heartbeat! Some days, it just so happens that we fall a bit behind on the day-to-day tasks we’re all expected to tackle at some point before the sun goes down, and some days, life just proves so incredibly hectic that we skip most of them all together!

We regularly end up with piles and piles of laundry to attack – as tall as towers, in fact! And it’s often the case that I exhaustedly retreat to bed with a nagging feeling that, that incomplete list of ‘to-dos’ has, lo and behold, never actually been seen to… I’m alright with that though, because the days simply fly by and those precious past five years of motherhood have, too. It’s made me realise that every single second spent with your little ones should be cherished wholeheartedly, no matter how much you’re behind schedule with other life stuff!




They’ll learn what they need to know and grow when the time is right










If I could go back in time and share, with a younger me, some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last five years, I would tell myself this: slow down. Enjoy the seemingly simple moments; these are the ones you’ll remember the most. I would tell myself not to google so much and pay less attention to the growth charts. They’ll learn what they need to know and grow when the time is right. Take more pictures of them covered in food. You’ll like those the best!







I would tell myself to ask for help more. It’s okay to not know what you are doing – that’s what it means to be a first time mom after all, and every mother has been there. I wouldn’t worry so much about what everyone else says when it comes to parenting and I would follow my gut more. I would do more of what feels right for me and for us. With parenting comes a lot of advice because everyone has, of course, different stories to tell and approaches that worked for them. Take others’ experiences into consideration, but ultimately, follow your own instincts. No one knows your baby quite like you do.



The years are fleeting and they’ll be gone before you know it. Focus on the bond with your baby and try not to fret so much about the mundane everyday things, like piles of laundry or chores that need doing. I know first hand how tough it is to let the little stuff go but try to channel your energy solely into the time you spend with them – rock them even when you feel like there’s a list of other things you should be doing. I would remind myself that every mother around the world is still learning as she goes. The most important thing you have is that very moment with them. A moment that you can never go back and replay. The days will slip past in a minute so make sure you are present with each and every one of them.

Leave the dusting and the dishes for another day; nobody will mind or even notice a few crumbs scattered on the floor! Take them to the park. Turn your phone off. Be fully there because these days will be gone before you’re ready.


Follow your instincts – no one knows your baby quite like you do.


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Sena x



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