Photography by
Allysha Le Page


For many creative, fun-seeking little souls, Halloween is (rightfully!) considered the most exciting time of the year… Perhaps because we’re given free rein to use our colourful imaginations, to think up a whole host of brilliant outfit ideas, and of course indulge in sweet, spooky treats aplenty!










Or maybe it’s that the warm shades of golden, reddish brown have begun to take possession of our familiar green surroundings, reminding us that we’ve much to look forward to before the year is out. From fireworks displays and cosy autumnal knits to Christmas cheer and quality time spent with the family, ‘All Hallows Eve’ is a lovely reminder of all that’s to come!



Though a beloved holiday in the States, Halloween is enjoyed all over the world with countless celebrations involving creepy decor, wacky costumes and copious amounts of candy! And of course, they love it just as much Down Under by the looks of Allysha Le Page & Co’s mucky backyard pumpkin carving!



Halloween gives us free rein to use our colourful imaginations, to think up a whole host of brilliant outfit ideas!




When we think of Halloween, images of spine-chilling pumpkin faces may flicker into frame, and it goes without saying, that the spooky season just simply won’t do without them! So every year households across the globe get stuck into the spirit of things, purchasing pumpkins of all kinds and carving into them the scariest faces possible!

















Little kiddos that love to make a mess delight in the process of digging out the pumpkin seeds and adding those slimy final touches. A cherished tradition, for so many families, we love how this stylish little bunch have thrown a juicy watermelon into the mix, as well!








When it comes to our imaginations, there really are no limits as to how inventive we can be! The very best thing about Halloween is just how much it inspires a creative mind…  From vivid storytelling and reenacting our favourite movies to arts & crafts fun and baking the yummiest goodies!

Now, we all love to indulge in our fair share of rot-your-teeth sweets and chocolate-dipped fruits, and well… a few tricks here and there won’t do much harm either but this year the door-to-door antics have sadly been placed on hold. So entertaining at home it is, then! At least for now anyway… Happy Halloween, A&A Squad!










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