Gluten-free Coconut & Raspberry Pancakes Recipe


Happy Pancake Day everyone!

There’s nothing better than spending the afternoon with your little ones making yummy pancakes.
This year we’ve teamed up with Laura Scott of How to Cook Good Food to share this delicious
gluten-free coconut & raspberry pancake recipe.
Laura is an ex-chef who is now back in the kitchen running her monthly Epsom Supper Club. She is also a freelance cookery tutor and food blogger. She has lived in Epsom for 10 years with her husband Charlie and their three children, Eve 12, Tess 10 and Daniel 9, moving out from London where she grew up and worked as a chef. 
Laura has recently won an award for “Best Baking Recipe” at The Best of Pinterest 2016 awards held in London for her raspberry, rose bundt cake which was judged by Tom Aitkens, BBC Food and the editor of Time Out Food & Drink.



Absolutely! All three of my children adore pancakes both crepes and American style. My eldest daughter, now 12, can also knock up a batch of pancake mix and has been known to cook them for me too so I may leave her in charge this year. Their all time favourite topping, as well as mine, is Nutella. Simple yet oh so good!


This recipe is simple enough that kids can help to make it and even cook them with a little supervision.  Kids love pancakes in any shape and form and they also love raspberries and they don’t tend to notice when I make gluten-free versions of recipes. They also work very well if you replace the raspberries with strawberries or blueberries. It is a great way to add fruit to their daily diet and I often make a batch but keep some in the freezer so they can have them as an after school snack.

1. WHISK THE EGGS well in a mixing bowl then add in the coconut milk and the orange flower water/orange zest.
2. MEASURE THE COCONUT FLOUR into a bowl, add the sea salt, vanilla powder and bicarb of soda. Stir to combine.
3. POUR THE WET MIXTURE INTO THE DRY MIXTURE IN STAGES, whisking well as you go to avoid clumps forming.
4. HEAT A SMALL SPOON OF COCONUT OIL/BUTTER into a saucepan over a medium heat then ADD LARGE SPOONS OF THE MIXTURE about the size of a scotch pancake. PLACE 2 HALVED RASPBERRIES ON THE TOP of each pancake and COOK FOR 2 MINUTES until small holes appear on the surface of the pancakes.
5. FLIP THE PANCAKES carefully and continue to cook for ANOTHER 2 MINUTES on the other side.
6. REMOVE THE PANCAKES AND PLACE ONTO A BAKING TRAY LINED with parchment paper/kitchen roll and continue to cook the rest of the pancakes until you have used up all of the mixture. You will need to add a little more coconut oil/butter each time a new batch of pancakes goes into the pan.
7. SERVE THE PANCAKES, 2 per person, with sliced banana, extra raspberries, maple syrup/honey and a dusting of icing sugar.
IF YOU ARE USING VANILLA EXTRACT INSTEAD OF VANILLA POWDER then you will need to add this to the wet mixture instead of the dry mixture.
YOU CAN KEEP THE PANCAKES WARM in a low oven (1oo degrees) while you are cooking the rest of the pancakes.
THEY ARE BEST EATEN FRESH as the raspberries will discolour the pancakes if left for too long.
With thanks to Laura Scott of How to Cook Good Food X

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