Fun outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy

Now the days are slowly beginning to get a little brighter and hints of summer are on the way, why not get those bodies moving with some family games in the garden?

You can have loads of fun (just don’t get too competitive!) as well as getting some much needed vitamin D and exercise at the same time! We recommend going a little bit vintage too, with some lovely old-school activities that have stood the test of time beautifully. Take a look….

Teddy bear’s picnic

Nothing’s bound to give you nostalgic vibes as much as a teddy bear’s picnic on a warm summer’s afternoon! Grab all the favourite cuddlies from the toy box, along with your best teapot and cups and set yourselves up in a sunny spot or the shade of a tree for an afternoon of make-believe.


If the kids are feeling particularly energetic, skipping’s a brilliant way to build core body strength and help with hand-eye coordination. Set challenges to do as many jumps as you can without getting too exhausted!


Nothing sparks the adventurer’s imagination like a spot of camping! Once the den’s set up (a few chairs with some blankets and sheets draped over will suffice if you don’t have anything else), they can have afternoon snacks and story time there: a little hideaway all of their own!


We know croquet can take a little while to get the hang of. But once you’ve got the basic skills, it’s super-fun. The object of the game is to hit your balls through a course of hoops, finally aiming at the centre peg. The team / player who completes the course first wins!

We recommend a few practise runs first though, just to make sure everyone’s got the knack.


Such a simple but seriously fun game and so easy to set up. Pop your skittles in rows and choose a spot to throw from: you can let really little children stand a bit closer to the “target” to make it fairer.

See how many pins you can knock down in one swoop. Get them all on the floor in one go and you’ve scored a strike!

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