Fun Things To Do in Berlin

As Germany’s bustling heart, Berlin boasts a whole treasure trove of fun and exciting things to do, but not only is it a capital full of cultural activities, it’s also incredibly family friendly too. So, no matter what your little one likes, there’s sure to be something to enchant and delight them. Here are just 10 of our favourite family-focused hotspots in Berlin.

Labyrinth Kindermusuem

With its philosophy of learning through doing, Berlin’s Labyrinth Kindermusuem is perfect for immersing little ones in educational yet fun activities. By using the senses of touching and feeling your youngsters can explore the museum’s interactive rooms, full of objects and exhibits waiting to be touched, felt, and taken apart. Focusing on a broad range of subjects such as fairy tales, children’s rights, health and cultures of the world, it’s the ideal environment for boisterous young ones to express their creativity through learning.


MM Trabi bei Nacht

For little ones who love the outdoors, MountMitte is sure to satisfy their need to explore, climb and run. MountMitte is a high ropes course centre which caters for kids aged seven years upwards with its six different courses of varying difficulty. With automobiles, cars and canoes suspended in mid-air, this aerial adventure garden will let your little one explore the skies, and with a compulsory safety harness there’ll be no tears or falls.


Berlin Zoo

Located in Berlin’s Tiergarten, Berlin Zoo is not only the country’s oldest zoo, with nearly 1,500 different species and around 19,500 animals, it is also thought to be the world’s most comprehensive. Your little one can’t fail to be amazed by the wide variety of creepy crawlies and furry friends on display. Enclosed in surroundings designed to mimic their natural habitats, a day at this bustling zoo will open your kid’s eyes to the fascinating world of nature.



Getting your little one immersed in learning whilst in Berlin will be as easy as can be at the Machmit! Musuem Fur Kinder. Housed inside a converted church, the museum offers an exciting mix of interactive activities and experimental exhibitions. There’s a large climbing shelf, a historical soap shop, a house of mirrors and a printing shop. We recommend visiting on the weekend when craft workshops are held – your youngster can get involved in anything from making painted porcelain to paper production.



Conveniently located by the Greifswalderstraße S-Bahn station and tram stop, Schaubude Berlin theatre will keep you and your young ones enthralled with its electrifying mix of puppet, figure and object theatre. Whether it’s traditional or experimental performances, the theatre’s programme offers a wide range of shows to suit kids of all different ages, bringing theatre to life using the expressive power of objects.


domane dahlem

In the very centre of Berlin, Domäne Dahlem is perfect for teaching your kids about caring for the environment. Billed as a working farm in the middle of the city, Domäne Dahlem is a country estate, museum and a farm all rolled into one. Young visitors can use their senses to learn about all things ecology thanks to exhibitions, concerts, a bio-farm with real livestock, working fields and charming market days. Meet a whole cast of animals including pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, horses and poultry, or take a tractor ride over to the vegetable garden – it’s the ideal way to get lost in nature in the middle of the city.



Sprawling over 600 acres, Tiergarten is one of the world’s largest urban parks and provides a haven of flora and fauna in the middle of Berlin. Situated next to Berlin Zoo, you’ll find play parks, walking paths, forested areas, meadows and paddle boats on a lake. And, should you and your tot get hungry, you can visit the café at the Victoria Column or the café inside the English Garden. Perfect for picnic and barbeques, it’s the ideal lush setting for you and your kids to relax in the great outdoors.



Located in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, Paul & Paula is a neighbourhood café for little ones which serves a delicious selection of food including sandwiches, cakes and organic ice cream and iced coffees. Not only a café, you’ll be able to peruse Paul & Paula’s select collection of German clothing brands, toys and baby carriers. Or alternatively, the café regularly plays host to kids’ events and activities such as haircutting, flea markets, a puppet theatre, alongside yoga and pilates classes.



For the little lover of all things technology, the German Museum of Technology is a treasure trove of gadgets and gizmos old and new. With 14 different exhibition areas, the museum features departments dedicated to automobiles, looms, aeroplanes, locomotives, ships, the printing press and much more. With plenty of activities on offer, the museum will allow your little one to get immersed in activity thanks to workshops dedicated to printing and making paper – it’s a fascinating insight into all thing technical.



Housed in a Second World War air raid shelter, the Berlin Chamber of Horrors will provide a frightfully fun day out for little ones with a taste for the macabre. Across three different exhibitions, your youngster will have the fright of their life in a bunker filled with spine-tingling ghosts and special effects. It’s not all about the horrifying though, your tot can learn all about the magical history of medicine and in the historical air raid shelter museum they can learn all about the building’s history.

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