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Les Enfants à Paris

Over this season’s fashion weeks, we’ve been finding out how mamas in the world’s four most fashionable cities dress their kids. We’ve talked to editors and bloggers in New York, London and Milan about what sets kids’ style apart in their corner of the globe. As Paris fashion week begins, we catch up with Ileen from Les Enfants à Paris to talk about the French way of dressing little ones…
Les Enfants à Paris

The way mothers and their children look is a very important thing for Parisians. I think it would be too easy to say every Parisian child is dressed the same but yes I believe the Parisian have a quite specific way of dressing their children.

It’s really quite different to a lot of other cities in the world, more than anywhere else every area has its own spirit and this has a big impact on the way children are dressed.

In some areas you’ll see a ‘bobo’ style, elsewhere you’ll see little hipsters, that’s a bit more international, and obviously trendy.

But then you have the classical bourgeois who dress their children in an elegant classic clothing style that everyone associates with Paris. Head down to Jardin du luxembourg, or weekend lunchtime at the gardens of the Palais Royale to see true Parisians in their most natural of environments. Les Enfants à Paris

It’s more traditional, untouched. More classic and elegant. The Parisian look doesn’t change fast, and such clothes last. Traditional brands are supported, and clothes you’ll find nowhere else in the world are staples in every child’s wardrobe.

Les Enfants à Paris

My son Alexander is 5 and a half and he’s pretty easy going, so dressing him has been pretty easy so far. I’m fearing the day that he wants to pick his own clothes although he seems to have a good taste.

He wears what I tell him to wear but the biggest issue in France is the strict rules around what children can and can’t wear to school.  For example his teacher made clear very early on that until he is able to tie his laces properly he is not allowed  to wear lace up shoes, which limits choice somewhat.

That means we have to find the balance between dressing well and dressing practically, so quite often it depends on what is happening that day, and making sure I dress him appropriately..

Les Enfants à Paris

With thanks to Ileen from Les Enfants à Paris X

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